Anda Seat Gaming Chair Review

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Updated November 24, 2022
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Picking a gaming chair ideal for long work or gaming sessions may prove tricky, especially if you’ve all had experience with the typical leather office chair. This isn’t to say that typical office chairs are bad, but compared to more advanced and high-quality options such as the Anda Seat, most of them don’t really stand a chance. The Anda Seat has a lot more to offer in terms of comfort and adjustability, and this is why we think it should be included in your list of the best gaming chairs. Make sure you get to the end of this review to determine whether it could be the best big and tall gaming chair for you.

Why We Like It – Anda Seat Gaming Chair

The Anda Seat Gaming Chair is perfect for anyone who has grown tired of their typical office chair, and as you’ll find out in this gaming chair review, it’s got most of the boxes checked in terms of both comfort and adjustability.

  • Large lumbar & headrest pillows
  • Memory foam material
  • Maximum weight limit of 400 pounds
  • Relatively expensive


The Anda Seat is a big, tall gaming chair with a very well-padded backrest, so you’ll easily be able to sit upright and have your lower back well supported in case you have any spine issues. Its ergonomic design is also perfect for accommodating the shape of your spine, and with an adjustable headrest, you’ll easily be able to configure the chair and make it as comfortable for you as it needs to be. When it comes to seats for gaming, reading, or lounging, you need an option like the one in our Best Choice Products reclining folding gaming chair review.


If there’s one good thing about the Anda Seat Gaming Chair, it would have to be its memory foam padding. The chair’s padding is of very high density, meaning it’ll adjust to your body’s shape and size. There’s not as much padding on its armrests as you’ll find on the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, but this is something you can deal with, especially if you’ll have the chair pulled into a table for most of the time. You can also open our Amazon basics kids youth gaming review to learn about one of the best gaming seats for kids.


Adjusting the Anda Seat is pretty easy to do. Unlike the armrests on the Homall Gaming Chair, the armrests on the Anda Seat gaming chair can be adjusted up or down, left or right, and forth and back. Its seat is also height adjustable, so you’ll be able to have it set to your preferred height. We can also say the same about the chair’s tilt & reclining ability and its rocking motion – features that all have a corresponding lever/control knob situated right under the chair.


If you move away from the large lumbar cushion, you should be able to spot a set of two air vents, and these are very important for allowing some air to get to your back, and reduce the amount of sweating that you might’ve actually had to deal with. For a chair made of premium PVC leather, the Anda seat is still pretty breathable and shouldn’t really give you any problems where you’d have to get up every now and then to cool down your back.


As a heavy-duty chair that can accommodate up to 400 pounds in terms of maximum weight, similar to the AKRacing Master Series Max chair, you can certainly bet that the Anda Seat Gaming Chair has a very sturdy frame and, therefore, impressive build quality. The chair feels quite comfortable to sit on as it wraps around your body, but we wish it came in as many colors as the Gtracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair does.

Anda Seat Gaming Chair Wrap Up

There are options in terms of the many different gaming chairs in the market, so if you’ve never really bought one before, you might get overwhelmed by the many different choices available. If, after reading this review, you’re still not impressed with what the Anda Seat has to offer, then maybe the Anda Seat Fnatic Edition may be worth looking into. But, if you’d like a different brand, check out the Killabee big and tall 350lb massage memory foam gaming chair.

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