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AmazonBasics Kids/Youth Gaming Review

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Updated June 3, 2021
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AmazonBasics is a line of products from Amazon that are meant to be fit for an intended purpose without including too many bells and whistles. These products normally retail at a price that’s slightly lower than the competition, while still matching them in terms of quality. The AmazonBasics product we’re going to review here is the Kids Youth Gaming Recliner chair, which is perfect for young ones. We’re not saying it tops the list of the Best Gaming Chairs, but it’s a pretty good alternative for anyone looking for the Best Gaming Chair for Kids without having to spend a lot of money on the purchase.

Why We Like It – AmazonBasics Kids/Youth Gaming

The AmazonBasics Kids/Youth Gaming recliner chair is Amazon’s version of what should be the best gaming chair on the market right now. It’s got a retractable footrest, a lumbar cushion, a protruding headrest and a maximum weight capacity of up to 90 pounds.

  • Comes with a lumbar cushion & a protruding headrest
  • Heavily padded
  • Maximum weight capacity of 90 pounds
  • Only available in a black & blue trim


The AmazonBasics Kids Youth Gaming chair is pretty well equipped to support anyone who is dealing with back issues, as it features a movable lumbar cushion, as well as a protruding headrest – quite similar to what you’ll find with the Vitesse Gaming Chair. The heavy padding on the chair’s backrest also helps hold your body in position, and the protruding headrest is a lot of help when you need to lean back & relax.


The AmazonBasics gaming chair happens to be upholstered with LeatherSoft material, and this is a very plush form of PU leather that is very soft to the touch. The chair itself has a lot of heavy padding, so it should feel pretty comfortable to sit on. Unlike the X Rocker Pro Series H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair, the AmazonBasics recliner chair features a retractable footrest, which makes leaning back feel even more relaxing.


There aren’t very many aspects of the AmazonBasics gaming chair that your kid will be able to adjust, as the chair already comes with a fixed seat height, as well as a fixed seat width. Your kid will however be able to adjust both the recline of the seat and retract the footrest so as to achieve maximum comfort – abilities that it shares with the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair.


As with all gaming chairs made of a PU leather material or a variation of it, breathability is never really a strong suit. You might find you or your kid having to get up every now and then whenever the seat gets too hot, and this is something that you’ll just have to deal with.


The AmazonBasics gaming chair is available in black blue trims, but you’ll not be able to find it exclusively in color black even if you wanted to. This is probably the only con that we identified with the chair, but other than that, it should be perfect for any kid who’s over 5 years old.

AmazonBasics Kids/Youth Gaming Wrap Up

Depending on who you ask, the AmazonBasics reclining chair might probably be one of the best gaming chairs for kids because it feels pretty good to sit on, is heavily padded, and has a footrest that you won’t find even in other more expensive alternatives.

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