2015 Range Rover Autobiography Edition: See Why Cows Hate this SUV (plus video review)

Costing a head spinning $139,959, the 2015 Range Rover Autobiography Edition isn’t for the faint of heart…or bank account.  So, the question that immediately, and inevitably, follows after hearing the price tag is: is it worth it?  And the short answer is: yes.

Okay, okay.  Different strokes for different folks.  But I personally dig this level of opulence.  And by opulence I mean “over the topness”, if such a thing can be said.  Between the Autobiography Edition and the regular Range Rover, which costs roughly $38k less, it’s not an immediate wow of discernment.  Which is to say most will be non the wiser that it’s the top echelon of Range Rover.  Unless of course they read the badge on the outside.  But even then, they probably won’t know what is different.  Well, guess what?  I’m about to tell you.

There is apparently a ton more leather.  Leather every where in fact, save for the roof liner.  And even that is ultra plush.  Our version, which appeared to have the full seating package, offers massaging seats in entire car, along with quad zone heating and cooling, dual rear screens with infrared headphones, heated and cooled seats throughout, and adjustable everything.  You can even adjust the rear seats from the front of the car by mapping the controls to the driver’s seat’s controls!  The only seat caveat: it just falls slightly short on leg room in the rear, but that can be solved by opting for the extended wheel base version of the SUV.

2015 Range Rover Autobiography Edition-2

In addition to that, there are airbags for adjusting ride height – good things because our’s didn’t have the side runners that slip out on exit and entry.  There is also a massive V8 that is injected with a steroid boost thanks to a Supercharger.  Mated to that is a 7-speed gearbox from ZF.  They do it right, and have done so again on the Ranger Rover.  Sure, it’s not dual clutch, but you’ll be hard pressed to discern otherwise.

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The drive quality, which is both smooth and agile when needed, is commensurate with the aesthetics of the car.  Which is to say this is easily one of the best looking SUVs on the road today. Sure, it’s badge adds a certain panache that is almost inexplicable, but I’m ok with that, hence branding.  And while many argued that the Range Rover looked too much like a Ford Flex when it launched, I’m willing to wager they’d change their opinion now.  Or at least  after driving it for a few days.

Hit the video above, if you haven’t already, to see my full review.

2015 Range Rover Autobiography Edition-3

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