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AT&T Wireless Coupons

AT&T Wireless is one of the nation's leading providers of cell phone service.  They boast millions of customers and are the sole service provider of the Apple iPhone.   Checkout AT&T Wireless' coupons below. AT&T Wi...
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Garmin Nuvifone Slightly Tested

The guys at Laptopmag got a hands on with the Garmin Nuvifone.  What did they think?  They loved the UI and thought the phone was pretty solid.  GPS and Internet connectivity weren't yet hooked up and the phone crashed when lau...

United Airlines To Add iPod, iPhone, etc Integration

Sorry folks, this is for first and biz class passengers only.  Passengers will be able to sit down and plug their device into the the preexisting United Airlines entertainment system.  The first aircraft equipped with iPod and ...

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Sony Ericsson Unveils Its First Ever 8 Megapixel Camera Phone: C905

I hate carrying a cell phone and digital camera. Sure my Canon SD750 is small, but put an iPhone and camera together and you've got a brick in your pocket. And hence why Sony Ericsson built the C905 8-megapixel camera phone whi...
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Sony Ericsson Introl F305 Gaming Phone

The Sony Ericsson F305 is essentially a Wii meets slider cell phone.  Course, I don't know if it performs to the same standards that Nintendo has achieved, but a 'flick of a wrist or a swing of an arm' and the results are seen ...

Your Very Own Flux Capacitor

Straight out of the movie 'Back to the Future', this is or could be your very own Flux Capacitor, replica that is.  Takes 3 AA batteries and includes light controls, metal case, movie accurate details, its mountable, and number...


Sony’s Newest Bluetooth Headphones: DR-BT140Q

These will arrive July 25th and be available in 4 colors: Black, White, Silver and Pink.  They'll sport Bluetooth 2.0 and support protocols: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP.  Expect 12 hours of usages from the built-in lithium-ion batteries...

Xbox 360 Price Cuts…Maybe (rumor)

This isn't the official word by any means, but actually an analyst pontificating.  According to EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich, Microsoft will cut the price of the Xbox 360 and/or introduce new hardware.  He would then expect Sony...
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3G iPhone Purchase Details Emerge: You Can Buy In Store And Not Activate

One of the rumored downsides of the new iPhone (3G iPhone) is that folks would have to activate in store.  This would ultimately lead to obnoxiously long lines with each phone taking 10 - 15 minutes to activate.  According to A...

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Verizon Announces LG Decoy With Integrated Bluetooth Headset

We saw this design in a concept recently and now it's reality. Starting June 16th, Verizon will offer the LG Decoy, which includes an integrated Bluetooth headset that fits snuggly into the back of the slider phone. The include...

A Quick Hulk (2008) Movie Review

I saw the new Hulk movie at a midnight showing.  I'm surprised I even went because I'm not a die hard fan.  The movie's pacing is solid, the action is great and you don't end up with all that CGI blur that we saw in Transformer...

Wimax Will Unleash Comcast And TimeWarner’s Death Grip On Us Peasants

Are you sick and tired of Comcast and TimeWarner?  Would you ditch your Cable company if you could get a decent Internet connect else where?  Well, in 2010 Clearwire is promising to make Wimax available for wholesale access.  C...