Windows 8 was… perhaps not the most beloved of all operating systems, but Windows 8.1 did largely fix those problems. It’s a perfectly usable and even pretty great OS. But apparently the damage has been done, as far as Hewlett Packard is concerned.

Microsoft To Burn Ward, Microsoft To Burn Ward

In a pretty harsh email, Hewlett Packard bombed the inboxes of pretty much every tech blogger and gadget nerd with a following to announce that Windows 7 was back on their PC “by popular demand.” Considering the rapidly shrinking desktop and laptop market, we’re not really sure where the demand is, but the word “ouch” comes to mind. And that’s not the only backhanded insult HP has deployed.

7 Up, 8 Down

Essentially, it’s impossible to get a Windows 8 PC from Hewlett Packard. If you go to their website, although why you’d do so is utterly beyond us, you’ll find it’s nothing but Windows 7 PCs. In fact, there’s a big banner announcing that Windows 7 has returned.

Thinking that HP has just made it an “upgrade” option? Nope. We took a look around and Windows 8 seems to be officially dead to HP; not a single machine, even their high-end gaming PCs and other costly home computers, have it as an option. Unless you’ve snagged a machine with it pre-loaded, Windows 8 basically doesn’t exist.

Windows H8

hewlett packard

Why, precisely, is Hewlett Packard rejecting Windows 8 so thoroughly? Not coincidentally, dropping Windows 8 comes with a drop in price that HP is emphasizing heavily, and which seems to be a bit more substantial than licensing an old operating system and software would lead to. So this may be as much about keeping desktops competitive in a shrinking market as anything else. Still, one imagines Microsoft doesn’t enjoy hearing a major partner just rejected its operating system… although presumably they’re still getting license fees from Windows 7.

Dan Seitz

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