Liftware Spoon

A new smart spoon can be a vital tool in helping stabilize Parkinson’s tremors. San Francisco-based Lift Labs’ patented Liftware Spoon uses an “active cancellation of tremor” technology that works to counteract the tremors people can experience in their hands and help prevent spills. For those with the disease, chewing and swallowing can be quite a challenge, which is where the spoon comes into play, making it easier to bring the spook to one’s mouth without spilling its contents.

According to founder and CEO of Lynx Design, which is behind Lift Labs, Anupam Pathak, using active cancellation will stabilize larger-scale motion. The spoon will steady itself via an embedded computer that takes the motion signals detected by the sensors to identify a tremor and then moves the spoon in the opposite direction of that tremor. Lab tests proved  a reduction of more 70 percent in tremors when using the spoon. The spoon will be available in September  and cost $295. But there is also a related free iOS and Android app called Lift Pulse that can record a person’s tremor using the phone’s built-in accelerometers and calculates its magnitude.

Kristie Bertucci

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