Schmidt with Moto X-2

WSJ is reporting that Google, or to be technically correct, Motorola is set to spend $500,000,000 marketing the company’s flagship home brewed phone, the Moto X.  In fact, we just saw Schmidt with what might purportedly be that very phone at the Allen and Co conference, so it stands to reason that the company is drawing closer to a launch date.

According to Quartz, this rumored marketing budget is on par with Samsung’s smartphone budget in 2012, which was slightly north of $400 million, and half what Microsoft spent ($1 billion) on the Windows 8 launch.  Apple on the other hands spent $1 billion last year marketing their entire product line.

However, Motorola’s X phone probably poises a bigger threat to Samsung than Apple as the Korean company has more to lose since 3 out of 4 smartphones are Android based, at least according to this year’s Q1 sales.  And Samsung made up 30% of those sales.

Christen Costa

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