Just last week Sony Online Entertainment’s FPS monstrosity, commonly known as Planetside 2 was featured in a portion of our PC gaming gift guide.  This is SOE’s big gamble, a massively scaled, MMO-FPS with zero cost of entry. The game has taken a fledgling and bleak genre from decrepit to “epic!” Planetside 2 has turned the mystique around a full 180. So much so… The video above boastfully inquires “Can your FPS do this?”

As you can see from the launch trailer above, the game wages war on a scale only seen in films. Pleasantly, the experience is just as epic. Planetside 2 is a 3-way faction man shoot with literally hundreds and hundreds of real human players vying for land and resources. When you hear things like, “..maps spanning conitnents”. Take heed this is “real talk–no inflated hyperbole. Traverse these massive continents by way of drop ships  single-occupant aerial fighters, tanks, APCs ATVs and more. All can be upgraded with an array of goodies. For more individuality, the game serves up vehicle ownership like no other. Purchase a vehicle and it’s your to command. No “car-jacking” here!

Just for “spits and giggles” I wanted to toss in this training video taken from SOE’s Basic Training series of Planetside 2 media. I found this one to be particularly informative for effectively honing my piloting skill. But I suggest you take a peak at all the Basic Training footage to really help you digest this King’s banquet of overwhelming information.

Of late, I’ve been unable to give the game it’s due diligence. It’s quite different than the Beta I played so much. Plus the game now features 2 new continents, of which I have only played Esamir. I will write up my impressions after a bit more time with this one. But currently, it goes way beyond “worthy” of your attention. Plus it’s completely FREE to play. Don’t wait for me. Give it try now and the come discuss the greatness with me in the comments section, won’t you?

Planetside 2 is a Free-2-Play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter from SOE.

Shawn Sanders

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