Over in Fort Wayne, Indiana, they’re talking about a gadget that may not lower any golfers’ handicaps, but it’ll help keep golfers in their etiquette lines.  It’s called the shoe cleaning sand rake, and if you wind up in a sand trap, well, this is just the gadget you need.

If you’ve ever golfed before (and I have, once– my score required NASA-surplus computers to successfully determine and they’re still debating whether or not to actually call it a “Frooglepoopillion”) then you know that getting your ball out of a sand trap is a mess.  Plus, you then have to try and rake the sand trap smooth once again, and that may or may not require you to get your feet back in there again, and that means that observing golf course etiquette will likely damage the course in its entirety by causing the golfer to track sand onto the fairway or possibly even the green.

The shoe cleaning sand rake, however, solves this problem by not only being a sand rake, but also offering several brush bristle points for the golfer to scrape clean his shoes before leaving the edge of the sand trap.

Golfers everywhere should love this idea to death.