I listen to music every time I shower no matter what.  I have a decade old Sony boombox that plays the couple of CD’s I own.  My iHome speakers are too weak to permeate the water sounds.  Like flying above the weather to avoid turbulence, the iDuck Wireless Speaker lets you bring your tunes past the water noise barrier and into the shower.  We’ve seen the Sharper Image type shower radios and what not in the past, but not nearly as wonderfully precious as this.  Using an egg shaped FM transmitter, the iDuck is very plug and play style.  Sold out at the moment, it would normally cost around $40 which is a pretty fair price.  The site does not specify whether or not the “speaker” is mono or stereo and I don’t see any suction cups or “soap on a rope” type attachments.  Anyway, a great gift idea for those who love music and bathing.


Jeff B