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All we can really say is: Finally. Steve showed off the long rumored Apple phone today. Looks like the rumored touchscreen iPods may have in fact been the Apple Phone. I am not sure if we can call it the iPhone seeing as Cisco recently released a product called the Linksys iPhone and has apparently held the trademark since the 90s.

On to specs: 11.6mm thin, 3.5″ LCD touchscreen (detects your face so you don’t dial with your cheek), 2 megapixel camera, 8 gigs of storage, Bluetooth, WiFi, quadband GSM and to our disappointment slow-ass EDGE compatibility. Based on the pics we’ve seen, it will launch on Cingular. We’re hoping the second iteration of this device will include HSDPA, but according to the rumorville Apple chose EDGE for its reliability, not for its speed or lack there of. The device will purportedly supports Mac OS X which inevitably means iTunes – bye bye iPod. Doesn’t seem to be a word on when it will get released, but we’re speculating 4-6 weeks based on Apple’s desire to release products upon announcement and Cingular’s (they may not release it on a network) pain in the assness to bring products to market – we’re avergaging it out.

Update: Looks like it will ship in the US come June ’07, EU 4th quarter, Asia 2008. Expect the 4GB and 8GB versions to go for $499 and $599 respectively with a two year contract.

Update: Apple has added the iPhone page to its site.  They’ve got video for your viewing pleasure as well.

Did we mention that the Apple Store is down as of 10.47am PST?

The Apple iPhone Run OS X [Engadget]

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