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If you’re hunting for the best car diffuser for your vehicle, consider the YJY car diffuser (our #4 pick!). The YJY car sponge wick USB-powered device fills your office, vehicle, or wherever you place it with a cool mist that quickly increases the air quality. This portable air freshener fits easily into a car cup holder and has a single LED light so it can double as a night light.

Why We Like It – YJY Car None Sponge Wick Aromatherapy Intermittent

The YJY Car None Sponge Wick Aromatherapy Intermittent car diffuser is the perfect cool mist humidifier for your office, vehicle, truck, travel, or bathroom. Its bottle-like design makes it the perfect size for a car cup holder, and the color LED lights mean it can also be used as a night light.

  • Color LED Car Humidifier
  • None Sponge Wick USB Aromatherapy Device
  • Perfect Size For Your Home, Office, Or Car
  • Not Recommended For Use With Essential Oils
  • Travel Black Model Is No Longer Offered (Only White)


This essential oils home humidifier ultrasonic air freshener differs from many similar products because it’s actually not recommended for use with essential oils (the Gulaki Diffuser Essential Oils Multifunction device is a good choice if you need an essential oils home humidifier)! It can be used with them, but the manufacturer cautions against use because it will quickly clog up the wick. USB aromatherapy (intermittent and continuous mode) is only a click (or two) away on this single-button device. This home humidifier ultrasonic air freshener can run up to 8 hours, so it’s perfect for overnight use.


This humidifier ultrasonic none sponge wick device is powered by a USB charger (the RoyAroma Aromatherapy Essential Stainless Freshener is a good non-electronic alternative). It is a lightweight device (at only 8 ounces), and is the perfect size for a cup holder, although since it has a flat bottom you can place it literally anywhere. Many models have multiple LED lights, but this home humidifier ultrasonic none air freshener only has a light at the bottom so it won’t be visually distracting.


This USB aromatherapy (intermittent mode & continuous mode) device is very affordable, costing only $19.99 (our #1 pick, the InnoGear Essential Refresher Ultrasonic Aromatherapy oil diffuser, also costs $19.99!). You get free shipping and free returns with this device, although there is no warranty offered. This aromatherapy (intermittent mode/continuous mode) car diffuser isn’t recommended for use with essential oils, so that is definitely a minus, but overall consumers seem to be happy with it, as it scored 3.7/5 stars based on 673 Amazon ratings.

YJY Car None Sponge Wick Aromatherapy Intermittent Wrap Up

The YJY Car None Sponge Wick Aromatherapy Intermittent Car Diffuser is one of the many options for car diffusers, but it is one of the only ones that is not recommended for use with essential oils. This is the biggest downfall; besides that, you should be happy with its two operating modes, convenient size/shape, and its auto shut-off feature. This is a good device if you are mainly looking for a humidifier, rather than a scented air freshener.

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