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Wilton 11104 Bench 4 Inch Opening Review

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If you find yourself constantly wishing for more anvil space, chances are good you’ll fall in love with the Wilton 11104 Bench 4 Inch Opening Vise. It features a much larger anvil space than your average bench vises. At the same time, it’s made of high strength steel for long-lasting durability, making it an ideal candidate as the best bench vise for a variety of projects. Continue reading our review to learn more about this top-grade tool.

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Why We Like It – Wilton 11104 Bench 4 Inch Opening

Durability and variety is the spice Wilton threw together for this steel vice. Made of high strength steel and a large anvil, this vice can handle a wide variety of projects.

  • Large anvil work surface
  • High strength steel construction
  • Double lock down swivel base
  • Lacks pipe grips
  • Once installed, it’s permanent

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When it comes to striking the anvil often, having a wide enough area to make it happen is going to prevent strange dents and markings. And with this Wilton bench vise, that’s less of an issue due to its anvil being much larger than Irwin Tools Clamp Vise 226303. More importantly, using the vise is going to be very comfortable considering it can be spun 120-degrees, giving you the opportunity to strike from several different angles. The HFS Heavy-duty Bench Vise gives 360-degrees, however. While its gripping strength is incredibly strong, it lacks pipe grips.


The Wilton 11104 Bench 4 Inch Opening Vise has a throat depth of 2-1/4-inches, with a 3-inch opening capacity to compliment. In other words: it falls right in line with what your average bench vise has. Its jaw width is—if the name didn’t give it away—4 inches. The biggest issue you might have is the fact that the bench vise will be a permanent tool. Once the four bolts are installed, it’s there to stay. Thankfully, it’s made of high strength steel, which is strong and durable.


For those searching for a general use bench vise, we couldn’t recommend anything better. This is especially true if you are desperate for more anvil space. And at just under $50? Sure, it ends up being a permanent addition to your workshop, but its durability is meant to last a long time. But let’s say you want to work with pipes, too. What then? If you’re willing to pay and extra $15, then the Yost Vises 445 Utility Combination is the better option due to its ability to handle pipes; otherwise Wilton 11104 will do just fine for general use.

Wilton 11104 Bench 4 Inch Opening Wrap Up

If you aren’t working with pipes, the Wilton 11104 Bench 4 Inch Opening Vise is going to be a great addition to your workspace. Its large anvil accommodates various projects, while its swivel base gives it a wide variety of angles to strike from. And its high strength steel adds some necessary durability. But remember: it’s permanent.