Let’s face it, if you’re buying a smartwatch, you are either really into the next big thing when it comes to technology, or it’s a practical purchase to let you stay on top of your phone without having to bust it out all the time. The Klatz wants to make it a little less dorky to take a call with something on your wrist, by allowing you to take it off your wrist.

Wrist Watching

As a smartwatch, the Klatz is pretty straightforward. It’s got a dot-matrix-esque screen that lets you know the time, alerts you to incoming texts and calls, and generally does what one expects a screen around one’s wrist to do. The interesting part is when you get a call and flip it open; it turns into, essentially a full Bluetooth headset, so you can take the call without looking like quite as much of a dork, or sharing your conversation with the public.


Yeah, it’s still a bit silly, but it’s more polite. That’s fairly important, in this era of the smartphone being a Personal Obnoxiousness Projector. True, it won’t make smartwatches any cooler, but it actually makes them useful… which is really saying something.

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