Samson Meteor Mic Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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Whether you need a good microphone for podcasting or just to get the most out of your Skype calls, I don’t think you’ll find a better balance of sound quality, good looks, portability, and value than the Samson Meteor Mic. If you’re looking to go online, you might want to consider looking at the best streaming microphone too. Modeled after the classic studio microphones of long ago, the Meteor Mic keeps its features simple and built-in, making the use of this product extremely intuitive and quick to set up in a way that not only works, but works perfectly. If you want something that’s a little smaller, try reading our iRig MIC cast review too. Although you cannot consider it in the list of best instruments, it’s a great mic.

The Meteor Mic plugs in to your computer using a mini-USB to USB cable that is fairly long, and is ready to go immediately. Compare this microphone with our Blue Microphone Spark digital review if you’re not sure which mic is best. Without even needing to be set up in any kind of recording software, I plugged a pair of headphones into the jack on the microphone and could hear myself clearly right away, adjusting the sound with the volume knob to see exactly how much background noise there was, and finding the best angle and spacing to keep myself sounding just right. If you’re doing your interviews on the go, take a look at gadget review’s zoom h2 handy recorder instead.

Of course, when it came time to actually record the Meteor Mic was already ready to go, and I couldn’t help but notice a huge leap in quality from my previous $30 microphone. For a $50 microphone, take a look at our Samson GoMic review too. Chalk that up to being able to make my adjustments on the fly rather than through a series of test recordings if you like, but the 25mm diaphragm condenser and 44.1/48 Khz resolution probably aren’t hurting either. Just seeing the Samson sitting on my desk as I talk into it makes me feel more confident that I sound as good as possible while speaking. Searching for a small but powerful midi keyboard? Click to read our Korg nanokey2 review.

I have to do my best not to just be enamored by the style and functionality of the Meteor Mic, but when it comes to trying to say anything negative I feel like I’m just nitpicking. Hitting the mute button on the mic off and on gives off a distinctive “thunk” sound in the audio, something that a small wired remote could solve. I wasn’t able to make use of the screw attachment to connect the Samson to my mic stand due to a size difference. These kinds of things really didn’t make an impact in any of the uses I or most people had for the microphone, and so I don’t feel that they really detract from the overall experience. Sure, I couldn’t use my stand, but the microphone comes with its own. If I didn’t want to make a sound as I muted myself, any piece of software can accomplish the same thing easily. And if you love mixing music, check out these five cool DJ gadgets inspired by the Electric Daisy Experience Movie.

If you’re thinking of recording anything in the near future or using voice chat functions with your desktop, laptop, or tablet, the Samson Meteor Mic belongs in your arsenal. Being as portable as it is, the Meteor blew me away in terms of how much it improved the audio quality of every one of the applications I use a microphone with. Other people notice it as well, whether they’re just hearing the results or actually see it’s distinctive look standing next to my keyboard. It’s thick and all metal, save the rubber feet on the bottom of the folding legs, so don’t worry about it getting banged up when you transport it. In fact, don’t worry about anything where the Samson Meteor Mic is concerned, it’s more than able to handle the job. And if you love creating music, take a look at this review of how Humbeatz turns your voice into a musical instrument.

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Bottom Line: The Samson Meteor Mic may not be the best choice for a nationally-syndicated radio show, and finding the right position to use it in to improve your recording quality from pretty dang good to perfect may take some time, but make no mistake: the Meteor Mic is going to fit virtually every need an amateur will need. For its price, finding a better-looking mic with the same level of performance is most likely impossible. Highly recommended.


  • Flexible legs create built-in mic stand, or microphone can be screwed onto an existing stand
  • On-mic volume/muting knob and headphone jack for latency-free monitoring ensure that you sound professional and clear at all times
  • Sleek yet compact design and travel pouch make the Meteor Mic extremely portable without making the slightest concession in sound quality


  • Volume/mute knob is located on the front of the mic, which can cause some sounds to pop up when adjusting, or become inaccessible if pointing the mic upward using the legs, some kind of remote would make this feature that much better
  • Bottom screw to attach to booms or stands didn’t fit my stand, so do some research if that’s something you absolutely need
  • USB connection on back means that the mic can’t be folded up with the cables attached, make sure to keep the cable in the travel pouch with the microphone

The Samson Meteor Mic is available from Amazon for $67.01.