Raleigh Tristar Tricycle Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Raleigh Bikes 3-Speed Tristar is an adult tricycle with both front and rear brakes. While it did not make the list of the top 3 best adult tricycle units on the market, it is competitively designed when compared to the Schwinn Meridian Tricycle, Mobo Triton Pro, and Slsy Adult Tricycle. Price aside, they all have similar attributes. The trike comes with a rear basket. It is delivered unassembled and takes approximately two hours to put it together. This tricycle makes a nice change from from driving (even if your car is one of the best vehicles on the market).

Why We Like It – Raleigh Tristar Tricycle

The comfort tractor saddle seat is wide for comfort. This adult tricycle has offset size wheels and comes in three color options.

  • Large basket
  • Front fender and chain guard
  • Three (3) color options
  • Very expensive


The Raleigh Bikes 3-Speed Tristar rides quite smoothly. Having the third wheel helps to maintain balance and stability when riding. The wide seat helps the rider stay comfortable when seated. In addition, the basket is very sturdy and can hold a voluminous amount of product. There are three gears to help make pedaling on inclines. The dual braking, front and back, helps to manage your speed on declines or when needed traversing turns. Overall, the trike allows for a comfortable ride. If you do a lot of off-road riding, check out our Razor RX200 Electric Off Road Scooter review.


The Raleigh Tristar is made of steel construction, making it very durable. There is only one size for this trike design where the front wheel size is 24 inches and the rear wheels are 20 inches. While the basket at the rear is heavy, it is also sturdy and a decent size for a small shopping trip. The smaller rear wheels help to slim the width of the trike and allow easy movement to an interior space through a standard size door. The weight of the trike is quite hefty, weighing in at 53 pounds. Speaking of hefty, check out our Pro Lift T 3310 Wheel Dolly review if you need help lifting a heavy duty vehicle.


When doing the trike review, the biggest difference noted between all the trikes was the price of the Raleigh 3 Speed Tristar. Comparing it to the top three trikes on our “best of” list, the Raleigh was well over $200 more than any other trike. The Schwinn is the closest in similarities, with the exception of having slightly larger front wheel size and rear wheel sizes, yet it is still less expensive than the Raleigh Tristar.

Raleigh Tristar Tricycle Wrap Up

The Raleigh brand offers a one size fits all trike. It has a large rear basket and its wheel size is slightly smaller than competitors; the front wheel size is 24 inches and the rear wheels come in at 20 inches. While its expensive price tag may eliminate some customers, those who purchase the trike have had good experiences. Overall, the trike is a good buy for those who can afford the luxury.

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