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As we’ve reviewed the top rated robot vacuums and mops you can buy, we’ve come across a familiar, repeated concern: They all cost too much.

For many average households, the prospect of paying several hundred dollars for a robot vacuum just isn’t attractive, especially when you can get a normal push vacuum with fewer management needs for a lot less money. This feeling was always likely to bring down robot vac prices, but we now we already have a low-cost contender: the $75 Pure Clean.

No, this isn’t a scam or dubious Kickstarter that we have to investigate. It’s a real product, and it’s a real robot vacuum for less than $100. Now, we’ve some super-cheap models before, but they tend to come from less-than-reputable overseas companies with no eye for quality. The Pure Clean model, however, has a detailed and honest description of its specifications.

First, the model comes with expected sensors, plus a 4-inch brush for sweeping up debris and a 7-inch brush for vacuuming up dust. The battery can be charged in about three hours and the run time is around 30 minutes, with a 0.3-liter dust bin that you’ll need to empty out.

Pure Clean: Pure Clean Bot Angles
Pure Clean comes with three simple modes.

There are three selectable modes for controlling the bot, all based on time: A 10-minute mode, a 20-minute mode, and a maximum 90-minute mode. You set your time, put the vac down, and it goes to work. Sensors will keep it from bouncing off the walls, but otherwise Pure Clean just does its own thing and then shuts down again.

It’s an interesting approach clearly met to fill in the low-cost section of the market. We see brands like Roomba stacking their units with the very latest Wi-Fi controls, sensors that lead the bot back to its charger when the battery gets low, pattern-setting options, different carpet and hardwood modes, and lots of other features.

The Pure Clean keeps the price down by ignoring all of that and focusing on the most basic operation possible. Sure, it doesn’t do very well on deep carpets, needs extra supervision, and doesn’t come with any apps…but it also doesn’t cost $900.

This makes this robot vac an ideal starting place for households that think they may like a model, but aren’t ready to jump to the high end of the market just yet. Those 10 and 20 minute modes are ideal for seeing how well the model can clean up messes or kitchens: Are you tempted to give it a test?

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