Pirelli P Zero Nero Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
93 Expert Rating

You’ll find the Pirelli P Zero Nero has a nice ride and is not a real noisy tire. Although it’s an older model tire, and newer tires like the Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire 75R15 have passed it up performance wise, this tire remains a nice choice in the ultra high performance all season tire. While this may not be the Best All Season Tires you’ll be able to find them through that link. You can use these tires on lots of vehicles with no problem. So, go ahead and check it out.

Why We Like It – Pirelli P Zero Nero

The Pirelli P Zero Nero is a very likeable tire. It simply gives you what it says it does. While it may not excel in any one area, it provides more than adequate performance in most everything you want in a tire. Traction on dry, snow covered or even wet conditions is very good. We’d like to see a little added steering response, but this is not a big issue by any means.

  • Very good traction and handling in all weather conditions
  • Tire is comfortable to ride on
  • Tread wear is good and it comes with a 45K mile warranty
  • Would like to see improved steering response


Dry traction is excellent due to a solid center rib, added intermediate ribs and outside shoulder blocks that enhance cornering and increase stability. The Pirelli P Zero Nero also provides a more consistent contact patch which reduces braking distances and improves acceleration. Shoulder grooves combine with four longitudinal and numerous lateral grooves to increase wet traction and handling on the P Zero Nero. The results are a tire that minimizes the risk of hydroplaning even during cornering, which adds more driver confidence behind the wheel. Speaking of confidence, you need a dolly you can trust when you are lifting your car. Check out our Pro Lift T 3310 Wheel Dolly review if you need help finding one. Or, check out our Performance Tool W54013 review.


Inside the tire there are two steel belts and a polyester cord body that provide added strength and durability to the tire at higher road speeds. It also creates a longer tread life by giving the tire more even tread wear. There is also a 45,000 mile tread warranty on this Pirelli model, as well as a run flat model.


All in all the doesn’t do anything close to reinvent the wheel yet despite its age it can still give competitors like the Milestar MS932 Sport Season Radial a run for their money, that being said there are cheaper options that claim to be able to do much of the same such as the Milestar MS932 Season Radial Tire 205.

Pirelli P Zero Nero Wrap Up

The Pirelli P Zero Nero is a high performance tire made to perform and does so marvelously with the summer tires, the problem comes if or when you need more control while going at higher speeds where the slower steering response will really hit.