Office Chair Repair Parts – Learn What You Need for Repairs

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Updated December 1, 2022

If your favorite office chair won’t bounce or roll anymore, or if the arms and arm-rests are getting worn out, you can often repair it for much less than the cost of office chair replacement. Here’s how to know what to buy for your office furniture project.


  • Executive chair repair kits are available online for a wide selection of chair problems
  • Some chairs take universal parts, while others typically require model-specific options
  • Make sure to check the fit of universal office chair parts
  • Select the right type of caster wheels for your flooring

Types of Office Chair Replacement Parts

“Universal” office chair parts kits can be a great option for replacing commonly-found wear items on a broken office chair. Desk chair repair is often a relatively easy DIY for the home office. If you do not want to get technical then you can always subscribe to an office chair protection plan.

Office Chair Replacement Wheels

Many of the most common office furniture repairs involve caster wheels. If your task chair no longer rolls properly, you may need to get new casters. To see if universal office chair wheel replacement kits work for you, check to see what kind of wheels your chair has. You can measure the wheels and see how they connect to the office chair base.

Online, you can typically find universal soft rubber swivel plate caster wheels and stem caster wheels. Twin-wheel grip ring-style caster wheels are also commonly found in universal office chair parts replacement kits.

Make sure to get the correct wheel type for your office or workspace flooring. Soft urethane wheels work best on hardwood or vinyl floors, while hard wheels or gliders work well on carpets. Additionally, you can get a mat to put under your office chair on hardwood to help protect the floor from potential damage. To learn more about the benefits of using a mat check out our article mats vs wheels for hardwood floor office chairs.

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Gas Lift Kits

This is what you need if your chair seat no longer sits at the proper height. Office chair gas cylinder repair typically requires the right size gas canister. You may want to replace the bearing as well. You can find a universal press-fit office chair gas cylinder in most furniture accessories & replacement parts kits online.

If you have an Aeron chair, however, you might want to get an OEM Aeron Chair replacement gas cylinder. Only use the correct gas lift kit for your type of office chair, and make sure the weight limit matches that of your current office chair cylinder.


Only use the correct gas lift kit for your type of office chair, and make sure the weight limit matches that of your current office chair cylinder.

Office Chair Base Kits

For some types of desk and computer chairs, you can replace the whole chair base, including the chair bottom plate. These are usually model-specific, though there may be a universal option for some office chairs. Base kits may include a footrest and a multifunctional chair mechanism. Never sit in an office chair with a defective mechanism.

Office Chair Repair Parts for Specialty Styles

While generic or universal office chair repair kits will fit many of the most commonly used task and desk chairs, you may find that some items are specific to different styles and models.

Herman Miller–Aeron Chair

For the iconic Aeron chair, there are numerous OEM and aftermarket options for repair parts. Aeron chair replacement wheels, chair mechanism maintenance kits, and Aeron office chair armrest restoring kits are all available online.

Aeron Chair NON-OEM office chair parts kits can save money, but make sure to check for warranty coverage and compatibility with specific styles. OEM Aeron chair replacement gas cylinder and lift bearing kits can still be found, as well.

Knoll Chadwick

Long renowned for comfort and convenience, some styles of Knoll Chadwick chair use specific arm pads, swivel bases, cylinder covers, and seat pans. Many of these iconic chairs are now vintage, but there are options online for replacement parts.

Getting office chair parts for repairs should not be much of a daunting task. However, if you are purchasing a protection plan then you ought to get the full office chair warranty information to avoid surprises later.


Are office chair bases universal?

Universal office chair bases fit many kinds of computer and desk chairs, but always double-check compatibility with your own furniture before buying.

Can office chairs be repaired?

In most cases, office chairs that no longer roll or stay at the correct height can be repaired using replacement parts kits. You can often replace caster wheels, arms, and even the seat base yourself.

Can you replace the arms on an office chair?

Most office chairs have arms and armrest pads that you can replace. You can often find parts kits online to help restore your favorite task chair’s armrest and adjustable arms.

STAT: As of 2019, the US imported an average of just over 54 billion dollars worth of office furnishings annually. (source)

The first ergonomic office chair showed up in 1976 and was marketed as the Ergon Chair. (source)

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