Office Chair Gas Cylinder Repair Kits

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Updated December 1, 2022

It’s easy to forget about your office chair’s gas cylinder because it sits directly below the seat, out of sight and out of mind. However, once it stops functioning properly, you’ll notice it immediately. To repair this part, you’ll first need to find the right office chair gas cylinder repair kit. Another important part of your chair that is easy to forget about as long as they are working properly is the armrests. You should learn how to fix a loose armrest before it breaks. If the armrest breaks it could possibly mess up the back or seat of your chair depending on how it connects. With that said, keep reading to learn about the different gas cylinder options available today.


  • Most gas cylinders are standard size and fit virtually all office chairs.
  • Gas cylinders are responsible for an office chair’s height adjustment.
  • Gas cylinders have specific weight capacity ratings, so keep that in mind when purchasing a repair kit.

Your Guide to Office Chair Gas Cylinder Repair Kits

Below, we explain the considerations to make when purchasing a new office chair gas lift cylinder replacement kit. If you don’t get the right kit, your chair will not function properly.

The Parts of a Gas Cylinder

It’s important to understand the different parts of the gas lift cylinders on office chairs. This way, you can start to recognize those same parts in repair kits and make the correct buying decision.

Gas Spring

The gas spring is responsible for lifting and lowering your office chair. The gas spring is a sealed metal canister that holds pressurized nitrogen gas and lubricating oil. It uses a piston rod to compress the nitrogen gas and build up force when lowering the chair, which is subsequently used to raise the chair when necessary. All of this is controlled using the handle on your chair, which presses the button on the gas spring to allow for movement.


The column on your office chair cylinder is the housing for the gas spring. It’s made from plastic and extends all the way up into the seat of your office chair. You’ll also likely notice some loose pieces of plastic on the column, which move and extend as the chair is raised to higher positions.

Standard vs. Custom Gas Cylinders

Most office chairs use standard gas cylinders, which measure two inches in width. However, there are some rare scenarios where a custom cylinder is present. To tell if you have a standard gas cylinder, simply take a measuring tape or ruler and measure the width of the widest part of the cylinder. If it’s two inches wide, then you have a standard cylinder.

Finding the Right Gas Cylinder for Your Office Chair

Standard pneumatic cylinders will fit in virtually any high-quality office chair. However, there are still a couple of considerations to make when purchasing a gas cylinder repair kit.


A gas cylinder’s stroke refers to the change in height from the chair’s lowest position to its highest position. In general, we recommend purchasing a replacement gas cylinder that matches your current cylinder’s stroke. To measure your current gas cylinder’s stroke, lower the chair to its lowest height and then mark where the top of the backrest lands on your wall. Then, raise the chair to its highest height and make another mark. Use your measuring tape or ruler to measure the distance between the marks and you’ve got your stroke.

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In general, we recommend purchasing a replacement gas cylinder that matches your current cylinder’s stroke.

Weight Capacity

Not all gas cylinders are built to handle the same amount of weight. If you purchase a gas cylinder repair kit with a lower weight capacity than you need, it can lead to you needing repairs sooner rather than later. We recommend purchasing a kit that matches your current weight capacity needs. This will add on to your office chair ergonomics and make working more blissful.

What Comes in Your Office Chair Gas Cylinder Repair Kit?

Most office chair gas cylinder repair kits only include the gas cylinder. If your chair’s plastic column is in good shape, then all you need is the cylinder. However, you can find repair kits with column replacements as well, if needed. The best gas cylinder repair kits will also include things like gloves, instructions, and removal tools to make the whole process easier. Remember, you can always take out an office chair protection plan to prevent having to repair your seats all the time.

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We recommend purchasing a kit that matches your current weight capacity needs.


How do I keep my office chair wheels (castors) clean and free from drag?

To keep your office chair’s wheels (also known as castors) clean and free from drag, we recommend using your chair only on a chair mat or on hard floors to avoid debris build-up.

What is the average recommended weight for office chairs?

Most office chairs are rated to handle upwards of 250 pounds of total weight. However, if you need more weight capacity than that, you can replace the office chair cylinder with something more heavy-duty.

What is the average life span of a chair’s gas cylinder?

Most gas cylinders should last anywhere from 7-10 years with normal, daily use. Be sure to check your office chair’s warranty as well.

Why do office chairs wobble?

Most office chair wobble comes from a faulty or loose chair base. Flip the chair over and make sure all of the screws are tight.

STAT: Most standard office chair gas cylinders can support up to 250 pounds of weight. (source)

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