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The Motorola Moto E5 is a budget phone that can fulfill most tasks you require from your smartphone. It features all day battery FM radio and a fingerprint reader. This phone runs on Android’s 8.0 Oreo software and a quad core processor. This phone from our list of the Best Android Phone won’t break your budget and you still get to experience the latest on the android market.

Why We Like It – Moto E5 Display Battery Radio

The moto e5 display battery radio is a budget phone with plenty of useful features. It comes packed with 4000 mAh of battery life which will last all day. During any time in your day, you will be able to hear your favorite radio stations thanks to the FM radio feature. This phone is sold factory unlocked so you will be able to use it on a variety of cell phone carriers.

  • 4000 mAh battery
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • A little amount of internal storage


The LTE smartphone xt1920dl US has a front camera with 5MP and a back camera with 8MP, so your pictures will come out well. If the camera is your main focus on a phone then a better suggestion is Google Pixel 3A because of the night sight mode. You have the Google Play Store at your disposal, so you will have hundreds of apps that you can try out. This phone will have 16GB of internal storage and 2GB ram which is good for the average user. Please try to read up on any customer reviews with verified purchases for more information on this phone.


The Moto E5 comes in a grey color. The 5.7’ inch screen has a max vision display that helps your content look crisp and clear. This is a Verizon factory unlocked device and will work on most GSM carriers in the United States but not carriers like Sprint. The Snapdragon processor will help you work on multiple apps at once without the phone bugging out. If you enjoy these unlocked devices, there are plenty more options on our list like the Samsung Galaxy A70 Android Phone.


The Moto E5 is fairly easy to use for new customers since it is part of the android family, hence the similarities in the user interface. While it may have a little bit of internal storage, it makes up for it by being expandable up to 128GB storage through an SD card. A budget phone like the Moto E5 can last as long as any flagship device like an iPhone, it just depends on the personal care you provide for the phone. Even though you don’t invest as much as other devices like the Huawei y7 dub-lx3 android phone, you can still enjoy the latest apps, games, and prime videos with no problem.

Moto E5 Display Battery Radio Wrap Up

While you may be forced to add an SD card to this phone because of the small amount of internal space, you can expand it to 128GB. The Moto E5 is a great budget phone because it has an all day battery FM radio GSM unlocked for most carriers and it won’t break your wallet. This phone has everything you need to get through your day as organized as possible.

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