LG UP870 Definition Compatibility Upconvert Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you take anything away from this LG UP870 review, it should be that it has been designed with image quality at the forefront of the engineer’s mind, making it a contender as the best blu ray player. This LG Blu-ray player supports DTS HD for better audio and would pair fantastically with an LG OLED television to take advantage of its superior picture quality. If it’s lack of Wi-Fi functionality is a dealbreaker, try our list of best 4K Blu ray player options.

Why We Like It – LG UP870 review

This HD Blu ray disc player is just that, trimming the fat and offering a pure Ultra HD Blu Ray DVD experience. It provides fantastic disc loading speeds for seamless watching. The addition of DTS-HD makes for a great home theater setup if you have a television that can take advantage of this LG Blu-ray’s capabilities. What if you want to check out another device that can also play blu ray, DVD, CD, and USB playback? Read the LG UBK80 Ultra HD blu ray compatibility review.

  • 4K Disc playback.
  • Stupendous disc loading speed.
  • 4K upscaling.
  • No Wi-Fi functionality.
  • Lackluster remote control.


The LG UP870 single mindedly pursues image quality and speed with a tenacity that other Blu Ray players can’t compete with at a similar price. Its streamlined design makes Blu Ray DVD playback breakneck with little, if any, load time to contest. Part of its dedication to no-frills Blu Ray disc playback means that streaming is unavailable with this product: no YouTube, Amazon video, or Netflix available, unlike the Panasonic DP-UB820 but If you’re a film buff with a collection of Blu ray discs, the LG UP870 Definition Compatibility Upconvert’s lack of streaming won’t be a problem.


The decision to focus on physical Blu-ray discs as opposed to streaming surfaces allowed LG’s engineers to manufacture a notably sleek device at home in entertainment centers, grand or otherwise. The design philosophy is reflected in its menu, offering similarly spartan options for navigation limited to Ultra HD disc playback, music, settings, and photos. Our only gripes are the lack of support for Dolby Vision, unlike the Sony Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray Player, and a lackluster remote control. When talking about blu ray player features, browse to the Oppo bdp 103 universal network 3d blu ray disc player review and look at a device with 4K up-conversion, 2D-to-3D conversion, as well as other advanced picture controls.


This is an excellent device for customers looking to upgrade their home entertainment center, and so long as you have a television, especially an LG OLED to take advantage of its image quality. The LG UBK80 may better serve customers with older televisions incapable of taking advantage of its 4K disc playback and upscaling or otherwise unable to upgrade for its backward compatibility with DVDs and considerably lower price. The LG UP870’s small size is also an upsell given our economy of space in the modern-day and makes taking it on the go easy.

LG UP870 review Wrap Up

For those interested in investing in a lightweight high powered Blu ray disc player, this poses a superb addition to your home entertainment center. If you take anything away from this LG UP870 review it should be that this HD Blu-ray disc player has been manufactured with image quality and DVD playback at the forefront of its engineer’s minds. Collectors of HD Blu-ray discs will be satisfied with its picture quality and efficiency.

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