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If you want the best OLED TVs, look at this one.

So you’re in the market for a brand new TV. And you need to know the best Tv brand. Well, good timing, because it’s probably never been a better time to buy a new set. Prices for LCD TVs are at rock bottom, with sets larger than 50-inches costing less than $500. You can get the best TV for your home even if you’re on a budget. Factor in the soon to arrive Black Friday Deals and things could get even better. You’ll want one of these TVs because LG OLED TVS offer deepest blacks.  But before you drop a wad of cash this holiday season, take a few minutes and learn about LG’s newest OLED TVs.


These TV are beyond real.  Like seriously, the image quality is astounding, offering blacks that are abyss dark, far exceeding that of LEDs, LCDs and CTR sets.  How so?  OLED TVs don’t use tubes.  Their lighting source is indicative of the technology; organic light emitting diodes.

And if that isn’t enough, and you feel like going full board, there is a curved version.  Yes, a screen that actually curves.  And while this may seem like a common parlor trick, it isn’t.  A curved screen offers a more engaging image from all angles and all the while cuts down on reflections.  What does that mean?  A better picture, clearer picture. Also, check out these huge savings on a huge 65″ TV and 5th gen iPads this week in Deals.

You can also pick between 1080 or Ultra HD (more on this tech below).  I’m a 1080 kind of guy, but an Ultra HD set from LG will ensure future proofing.

Still not sold?  With one of LG OLED TVs you won’t need a Chromecast or some other streaming media player; it’s all built-in to the set.  Which is to say LG OLED TVs are Smart TVs.  And unlike other manufacturers, LG has invested heavily in something called webOS 2.0, offering an experience that is only paralleled by a tablet or smartphone.

There is also built-in 3D, WiFi, USB inputs, Dolby Digital support, and 3x HDMI inputs.  And best of all, thanks to the OLED tech, these TVs, measuring 55-inches, weigh less than 34lbs.

Keep reading to learn more about 4K (aka Ultra HD) and OLED technology.


This is also known as Ultra HD TV, though the two are slightly different.  But to you, the consumer, you won’t notice anything.  In short, 4K and Ultra HD are still fairly new to the market.  However, the prices have gone down drastically and today you an get a 4K TV, of a decent size, for less than $1000.  If you grab one now you’re in essence future proofing for 4K content.  But if I was you, I’d wait.  Instead you might want to look at OLED TVs.  Unless of course, and this is the only asterisk I’d add, is if you’re going larger than 70″.  This is when you might see the benefit of 4K.


OLED, or Organic LED TVs offer the best blacks, which in turn means the best picture quality. Sure, OLED TVs are more expensive than their LCD counterparts, but the picture difference, and especially the blacks, are, well, night and day.  Seriously, the blacks on an OLED TV are beyond measurement – just check out LGs OLED TVs.  Moreover, colors will really pop on an OLED TV.  That all said, there are 4K OLED TVs. But again, I’d just focus my attention on the full HD, 1080P sets, as you’ll get more for your money.  Moreover, the amount of 4K content out there is very limited.


This one can be a bit tricky because LED TVs are actually LCD TVs.  But LCD TVs aren’t necessarily LED TVs.  You see, LED is the light source, where as LCD is the actual display.  Early on LCD TVs were powered (aka lit) by tubes, not tiny LED lights.  LEDs are not only more efficient but they produce a better picture, at least perceivably, because the light, for lack of better words, is more accurate.  All said and done, if you’re gonna get an LCD, get one with LED lighting.  And if you can, get one with “local dimming” as that will also improve picture quality (and price) since the blacks will be darker (i.e. less light leak).

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