Laser Printer vs Inkjet – Which is the Best?

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Updated June 27, 2022

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It can be hard when shopping for the best inkjet printer or laser printer.

Your choice will depend on how you print and your budget. You may also consider that the best Printer Chromebook or any other computer, may have more to do with your printing habits than your device. Color laser printers, for example, might be just fine.

Depending on your printing needs, you may be looking into a new laser printer vs. inkjet printer. There are pros and cons to both and many variations, from an all-in-one printer to apple AirPrint. The printer manufacturers have done their best to provide alternatives for a multifunction printer, with different options for print head, the ability to print high-quality photos, and more.

One type uses ink cartridges (liquid ink and inkjet technology), and one uses toner cartridges. One is better for low-volume home use, and the other is better for high-volume office use. One is relatively cheap and small, and the other is larger and more expensive.


If you print at home occasionally, the logical choice is an inkjet printer. They are cheaper and smaller than laser printers. The only complaint users have is that if you don’t use it often, the ink can dry out. They are still the best printer for home use.

You can also use an inkjet printer for frequent small volume jobs at home or possibly an office. An inkjet printer also handles color photos better than a laser printer.

However, if you plan to print high-volume printing jobs or use the printer a lot, a laser printer is better equipped to handle it. The toner doesn’t dry out, and it can print more pages before needing to be replaced.


An inkjet printer uses ink, and a laser printer uses powder. An inkjet printer deposits ink droplets onto your paper via a nozzle while a laser printer has a drum that uses heat to fuse toner powder onto the surface of the paper.

It might make sense that inkjet printers cause more smudging than laser printers, but that’s not always the case. It can take longer for the ink to dry and set, but some inks dry very quickly while others take more time. It can also depend on the paper you use.

Print Quality

Both printers work well but in different circumstances. For vivid images and bright colors, you won’t be pleased with the quality of a laser printer. It’s not fair to say a laser printer doesn’t print quality pages, but it is fair to say that it does not print quality pictures.

However, if you are printing pages full of text and you need sharp readability, a laser printer is better for that job. That’s not to say laser printers can’t handle color images; it’s only to say that they each have their strengths.

Print Speed

Laser printers are designed to handle high volume print jobs, which means they can print more pages per minute than an inkjet printer. A laser printer can handle up to 100 pages per minute while an inkjet printer can print up to 16 pages per minute. The best photo printer of course is more demanding.


The upfront cost of an inkjet printer is relatively low compared to a laser printer. They are designed for in-home use, so they are smaller and cheaper. A laser printer is large and can handle more, so they are expensive to purchase. Also, remember that the best all in one printer does more, so it is a good value.

Your intended use will help you make an educated decision about which type of printer is best for you. Always factor in the cost of the best printer ink.

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