K2 Pinnacle 95 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
90 Expert Rating

The K2 Pinnacle 95 Skis provide the best skis for skiing enthusiasts needing a pair for regular use. They won’t have you breaking any speed records or ripping through the toughest snow. Their reliable performance, durability, flexibility, and lightweight frame make them ideal for fun in the snow rather than training or racing. If you need a mask for when you’re skiing, you should also look at these rob a bank ski mask free with these LED’s.

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Why We Like It – K2 Pinnacle 95

For an all mountain experience, the K2 Pinnacle 95 Skis give you every reason to bring them— especially for skiers stepping out of the beginner stage and into intermediate—by offering a good ride even if you aren’t breaking speed records.

  • Great in soft snow
  • A jack-of-all-trades skis
  • Ideal for skiing enthusiasts
  • Higher speeds can make the tips wobble
  • Expensive


Drop a pair of K2 Pinnacle 95 Skis onto soft snow, and you’ll be heaven. It’s their ideal environment. What the Pinnacle 95’s excel at is being an all-around casual pair of skis. They aren’t underwhelming by any means, but their performance is better suited for enthusiasts than a serious skier. Its performance relies largely on its heavy til and tail rocker, much of its weight on the edges, which keeps other areas lightweight and flexible where it matters. In other words, you’re getting skis that are still strong and stable without sacrificing power.


To grant the K2 Pinnacle 95 Skis their performance, its design incorporated Konic Technology. Using an aspen wood core, metal laminate runs through the center and the extremities. What this means for a skier is lighter skis both in terms of weight and swing. That works well with its tapered tip, providing better turn release around the tail. Waist width on the Pinnacle 95’s are much wider than the Rossignol Experience 88 and even more so than the Salomon X-Drive 8.3.


For a pair of all mountain skis, the K2 Pinnacle 95 are a joy to use. They won’t give you the fastest speeds, nor the sharpest turns. What they excel at is being good at everything, but master of none; a jack of all trades. For a skier that finally has experience under their belt will find value in these skis. However, they’re on the expensive side when compared to the Elan Amphibio 84 Ti Skis, an arguably better pair of all mountain skis at a cheaper price.

K2 Pinnacle 95 Wrap Up

K2 Pinnacle 95 Skis work best in softer snow conditions but anything crazy and (no pun intended) they’ll be out of their element. Go too fast and you’ll experience wobble on the tips. Easy going is fine for enthusiasts, but not so for skiing snobs. They can be expensive, but still an ideal set of skis for someone who wants a bit of everything.

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