JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Starter, Flashlight and Power Bank Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Looking for the best car accessories? There are a few things that are a must for the boot of your car or truck. You should at least have a first aid kit and a good pair of jumper cables. The only problem is that the jumper cables can be bulky. Even some of the modern alternatives tend to take up too much room in your trunk. But never fear, the JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Starter, Flashlight and Power Bank is here. It is a must-have accessory along with our 8 of the best radar detectors list.

As you can see, this is more than just a vehicle jump starter. It is also a 4-mode LED flashlight and a power bank. You can use it at home or on-the-road to give you peace of mind. With this in your car, you’ll never have to worry about how to jump-start a car, with or without cables. 

Will JumpSmart Give You A Good Start?

JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Starter
425 Reviews
JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Starter
This Jumpstarter belongs in your car.

In an emergency, it’s always nice to have several items in one and this product delivers. It gives you a power bank, jump starter and a flashlight, keeping you covered when you need any of the 3.


  • Heavy-duty
  • 37000 mWh power bank
  • Jump starts up to 8-Cylinder, 5.0-liter vehicle


  • Uses proprietary charger(But it is included)

Build Quality And Design

It’s really rugged. This device is going to survive just about anything you can throw at it and live to jump your car another day. Gotta love that. Because if it isn’t rugged, what’s the point. The design is that of a large flashlight, so it travels with you easily and can be stowed just about anywhere.


The jumpstarter can jump start up to an 8-cylinder, 5.0L engine (up to 2.0L Diesel). While the 37000 mWh Lithium-Polymer battery is compatible with most cars, trucks, SUV’s, boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATV’s, and more. So you can see how handy this feature is alone. The device can even re-charge up to 1000 times.

The flashlight makes sure you always have one handy. The 8W, 330 Lumen LED Flashlight has 4-Modes (High Beam, Low Beam, SOS & Strobe), and an impressive 495ft reach. So it is ideal for any time you need a flashlight and for emergency situations.

The Power bank uses SmartSpeed Technology to charge a single USB device fast at 2.4 amps. You can charge up almost any device, whether it be your mobile phone, tablet, camera, etc.


I tested this on a friend’s car who had a dead battery and it worked flawlessly. It does a great job of charging your battery and it is super easy to use. Just about anyone can do it. And that’s what you want in a device like this. The flashlight is also a very solid flashlight. It throws a very bright light that is perfect for any situation. You’ll be glad that you have it in an emergency. The power bank also did not disappoint. If your car breaks down and it ISN’T the battery, but you find yourself with a dead phone, you can charge your phone and get the help you need.

Bottom Line

This is a great buy. You get 3 devices in one that will help in an emergency and 2 of those devices can be used regularly if you want: The flashlight and power bank. It stores just about anywhere and is solidly constructed. I can safely recommend JumpSmart to anyone who wants some extra peace of mind.

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