ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset Review

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Updated May 6, 2023
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Getting a bluetooth headset is probably something that you should do if you tend to be on the move a lot, or if your work involves a lot of calling. If this isn’t something that you’d want to spend too much money on, then the ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth headset is a pick that might actually interest you. Retailing for less than $50, the Bluetooth earpiece is designed to fit both ears perfectly, and also comes with support for Siri. Get on with the rest of this review and you’ll find out why we think it’s one of the best bluetooth headsets available.

Why We Like It – ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset

Using a Bluetooth Headset like this one from ICOMTOFIT makes it very convenient to carry on with your tasks without switching your full attention to your phone, and with its ability to support two devices at once, you’ll be able to take calls from two devices on one headset.

  • 10 Hours of Talktime
  • 33 feet Bluetooth Range
  • Noise Cancelling Technology
  • Only announces number and not name


The ICOMTOFIT headset relies on Bluetooth 4.1 technology, and has the ability to pair with a device that can be up to 33 feet away. The distance doesn’t have any real effect on the sound quality as long as there’s no big obstruction between the wireless bluetooth headset and your device. You can have it sound out the number of whoever’s calling before you pick the call, and if you want to, you can also use it to activate Siri. Also, with its noise cancelling feature, whoever you’re on a call with won’t hear much of the background noise that’s probably going on, and this is great especially if most of your calls happen when you’re on the move. You may also want to check out our Jabra Evolve 75 review if you’d love a bluetooth headset that makes clear calls. If you’d like to enjoy a stereo sound experience though, consider the apple airpods.


Having the ICOMTOFIT headset on your ear feels pretty good, especially because of the retractable ear hook, and the flip boom arm, which swivels and rotates for a very nice fit. In fact, you’ll want a good fit when you get some good headphones for mowing. The headset is light, and from a distance, it looks pretty similar to the plantronics voyager. It also includes a multipurpose button that you can use to power it on, answer or end a call, play or pause music, and redial the previous call. On the top of its microphone arm, you’ll find volume rockers that can be used to switch between tracks, and on the bottom, there’s a Mute button that also activates Siri.


You’ll only need to charge the ICOMTOFIT headset for about 1.5 hours for it to get you about 10 hours of talktime, which is pretty much the same duration you’ll get with the FimiTech Wireless Bluetooth headset. On standby, it’ll last up to 180 hours, and if you choose to listen to music with it, you’ll get 8.5 hours of playtime. Check out the Blueparrott B450 XT review for a Bluetooth headset with a slightly longer battery life. Aside from noise cancellation, another major plus that you’ll get to enjoy with the headset is that it allows you to connect two devices simultaneously, so you’ll be able to take calls from both devices on one headset. How’s that for convenience?

ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset Wrap Up

Shipped from the United States, the ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset is guaranteed to keep you off your phone and focused on whatever task at hand you need to deal with. In case you run into any problems with your headset, you can always contact customer service with your problem, and they’ll be ready to assist.