Huawei Dub LX3 Unlocked Android Camera Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Huawei Y7 is the optimal phone to purchase if you want a flashy, high performing Android phone with a small price tag. This phone is popular because it has an amazing dual camera, front camera, processor, and display. This phone is less than other flagships like the Google Pixel 3A, but in regards to the specs, it is par for the course of being considered a flagship of its own with a budget price.

Why We Like It – Huawei Dub LX3 Unlocked Android Camera

The Huawei dub lx3 unlocked android camera is an affordable smartphone with top tier features like a crisp 1520×720 HD IPS dewdrop display, face unlock, and a dual camera. This phone is not expensive as the features make it seem, and it is unlocked for use on a variety of carriers except Verizon and Sprint. If you are still not convinced yet, check the Htc One M8 review.

  • 4000 mAh battery
  • Easy mode
  • Does not work on all carriers


You will become a picture fanatic the instant you start taking photos on the Huawei Y7’s 13MP and 2MP dual camera. Apart from the rear camera, the 16MP front camera will provide a crisp clean picture of you during selfies or video calls. If you are not a fan of camera specs and you would rather just have a phone that lets you complete your daily tasks, it would be best to check out the moto e5 display battery radio. Alternatively, you may also read our Huawei Nexus 6p review.


This budget phone is super stacked to say the least. Included is the octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage with an expandable limit of 512GB. 4000 mAh battery will keep the Huawei Y7 powered up all day. The phone has an easy mode for less experienced smartphone users. It also has face unlock to ensure that no one goes through your phone but you. If you enjoy the features on this device, you will absolutely love the Samsung Galaxy A70 Android Phone.


The best part about this phone is that it is not as expensive as other flagship devices, yet you still come out with a great phone with stacked features. Because it is unlocked you also have the ability to move from carrier to carrier, and you have yourself a durable phone that you can take on vacation or to different cell phone providers.

Huawei Dub LX3 Unlocked Android Camera Wrap Up

The Huawei Y7 is a great phone to buy because it won’t break your wallet, and all your content will still look better than other budget phones. From pictures to display to memory and processors, the phone stands strong against any flagship device and will make you question if it’s even worth buying top tier devices when the powerful Huawei dub lx3 does the same job at more than half the price.

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