How to Connect a Printer to a Tablet

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Updated January 16, 2023

If you are new to the world of document printing, you may want to learn how to connect a printer to a tablet. The best printers, after all, ship with a wide variety of designs and functionalities, and many of these models integrate nicely with tablets and smartphones alike. So what are the benefits of connecting a printer to a tablet, and how do you get it done? Keep reading to find out.


  • There are many options when printing documents from a tablet or mobile device to a standard printer.
  • Most modern printers include some form of wireless technology, such as Bluetooth or a WiFi printer app.
  • Don’t have a Wi-Fi printer? Another option is to connect physically by using a standard USB cable or a USB-C cord. This works for Android devices or Apple devices.

Why Connect a Printer to a Tablet?

Before learning how to send a fax from an all-in-one printer, it can be helpful to learn how to print documents from a tablet. This gives you another option when it comes to sourcing documents to print, especially if you have just learned how to print on a mobile phone without WiFi. Most printers integrate with tablets in some way or another, and this is helpful after learning the best large-format printers.

Insider Tip

Make sure your printer’s driver software is up to date to ensure these methods work to reproduce documents.

All major operating systems work with printers if you are learning the best printers for Mac computers. This includes tablet operating systems like Android and iOS if you are learning how to print wirelessly. Of course, the same is not always true of 3D printers if you are just learning how to connect a 3D printer to a computer.

Tips to Connect a Tablet to a Printer

There are hundreds of printers out there and hundreds of tablets. In other words, there is no universal method here to connect the two, but there are plenty of options.

Go for USB

The easiest way is to connect the printer to the tablet via a cable of some kind, typically requiring a USB cable. Most printers have standard USB ports, but some modern printers include USB-C ports. You might need an adapter, but everything should go swimmingly once you are plugged in. At the very least, most tablets should include a USB-C port that doubles as a charging station.

Print Wirelessly

Tablets are essentially miniature computers, so you have some options when it comes to printing wirelessly. This obviously depends on your printer, though most modern printers can print wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi. Just try out whichever method your printer requires, and don’t forget to stay up to date on your driver software.

STAT: The Android mobile operating system (OS) is the most popular device OS. Android tablets often support mobile printing with no need for third-party apps. (source)

Print From the Cloud

When all else fails, print documents from the cloud, so long as your printer can handle that relatively advanced functionality.

Printer to Tablet FAQs

How do I print from a tablet through the printer’s cloud service?

Using Google Cloud Print, for instance, should be fairly straightforward. Open the service, look for an active network connection, and click the print icon.

How do I access a printer from an Android tablet?

Androids should have access to cloud print services, USB cables, and wireless signals. All of these can be used to make prints, such as Google cloud print via a wireless connection.

What if I can’t connect or add my printer?

When you are having trouble connecting your printer to an Android device, no matter the paper size, try using a cloud print service or updating the printer app software. Barring that, use a wireless printer.
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