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From our Best All Season Tires, the Goodyear Eagle RS radial tire is a type of tire perfect for sedans like the Toyota Corolla, high performance cars, and even law enforcement vehicles. If law enforcement uses these types of tires in their vehicles you know you are investing in a durable and powerful tire that will maximize your car’s potential.

Why We Like It – Goodyear Eagle RS Radial Tire

This high performance tire by Goodyear will reduce your road noise while making sure your tires are equipped with dry and wet traction. Goodyear tires have been in the game for quite some time, so you should expect a great product with a solid warranty in case of any malfunctions.

  • Aggressive Shoulder Trend
  • Fits a large scale of vehicles
  • Slightly higher price than usual budget tires


Expect to ride comfortably in your car thanks to the smooth tread design. The shoulder tread blocks help the car run smoothly through corners. The tires are built to withstand rough and wet conditions, so don’t be afraid to test these tires out on the road. If you enjoy these products but you need tires for a pickup truck please check out the Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire (235/75R15 105S).


These tires are designed for all weather conditions, so feel confident when driving in some light snow but still, be cautious. During wet and dry conditions you will have more stability. These tires will provide safety at the wheel, but they are a little on the expensive side so please check out other models from our list like the Milestar MS932 All-Season Radial Tire (205/55R16 91V).


These tires scored a star rating of 4.7 out of 5. Customer reviews revealed that the tires provide good traction, good corner turning, and long tread life. These are great tires for a car like the Honda Civic, but if you’re looking for a heavier build please try the Milestar MS932 sport all-season radial tire (215/55R17 98V). For under a hundred dollars for each wheel, you can upgrade your car’s tires and have great dry wet traction.

Goodyear Eagle RS Radial Tire Wrap Up

These all season touring tires are a great upgrade for your car. Your car will benefit from these tires by giving you better handling, and it will be more responsive when driving in corners. These tires might be a little more than competitors, but they will surely pay themselves off by providing safety and stability during your rides.

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