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Biking on a flat trail or on a nice, cool day is much more enjoyable with your kids. All of you get some much needed sun and questions answered. Why not make the experience more enjoyable with a cargo bike? With the Family Cargo Bike By Bunch Bikes, you can seat four kids, making it the best adult tricycle for family adventures.

Why We Like It – Family Cargo Bike By Bunch Bikes

Bring your kids along for a pleasant ride through the park or your favorite flatland trail with this family cargo bike that seats four. And with electric assistance, you don’t have to worry about straining yourself.

  • Cargo box has x4 child seats
  • 500W hub motor for assistance
  • Puncture-resistant CST tires
  • Add-ons aren’t the best quality
  • Handling is tricky


You’ll be surprised by how much the Family Cargo Bike By Bunch Bikes can handle. Imagine trucking around 4 kids or 3 kids and a dog, or 2 kids and groceries. Yes, it can handle all of it. But don’t worry: you aren’t doing all the pedaling. It’s strapped with a 48v 14Ah battery that will net you a good 15-25 miles. Going at a top speed of 15mph (20mph if you alter the settings), you can get nearly 2 hours of electric assistance before relying on your own strength. Handling the bike can be a chore until you get used to it. There’s a lot of weight on one end so you won’t be doing sharp turns.


The Family Bike By Bunch Bikes aren’t your typical tricycle, aside from the bike seat. Instead of two rear wheels, you get one. The Mobo Recumbent Tricycle was low to the ground. They’re puncture-resistant CST tires, too, which are fantastic against questionable terrain. The Powerful Avid BB7 disc brakes are some of the best we’ve seen, beating out most in terms of performance. You have to have good brakes on an e bike. Unlike other family cargo bikes, add-ons are bundled inside, though not of the best quality. You get a rain cover and sun shade, which will come in handy in harsh or wet weather.


The Family Electric Cargo Bike By Bunch Bikes is expensive. You have to understand: this is an electric bike that comes with add-ons, not a single-seat Slsy Tricycle Three Wheeler. At first glance, $4300 may seem steep—and there’s no doubt it is—but consider alternatives like an Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike, which can reach upwards of $6000 and more, and not provide nearly as much as the Bunch Bikes. There is a non electric version for $3000, but you’ll be doing all the work. You also have to consider that none of our tricycles provide child seating—not even the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle.

Family Cargo Bike By Bunch Bikes Wrap Up

Once you get used to the weight, the Family Cargo Bike By Bunch Bikes feels second nature. It would’ve been worse without electric assistance, that’s much is true. With a cargo box that seats four, and puncture-resistant tires, it’s worth taking the time to handle the bike. We only wish the add-ons were a bit more high quality, given the amount you’ll spend.

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