Evutec Wood S and Karbon S iPhone Case Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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Evutec?  Heard of ’em?  Neither had I until their PR person reached out.  They make iPhone and Samsung Smartphone cases.  I agreed with reluctance to a hands on.  But only because iPhone cases are a dime a dozen.  Hence probably why you and I have never heard of them.

I was sent their Karbon S Series and Wood S Series. If you’d rather have a case that automatically charges your phone, you should also read our guide to the Sleek iPhone incase hardshell (with quickcharge bottom). While Evutec’s cases may not be the best iPhone cases on the market, both the Wood S and Karbon S cases would provide your iPhone with some subtle flair and protection.

Evutec iPhone Cases Carbon Fiber and Wood-005

The Wood S Series comes in two different finishes: a natural or bamboo like finish, and a dark wood finish.  From the outside it appears and feels like real wood.  But hidden beneath its facade is a layer of Kevlar Fibers, yes, the same stuff used in bulletproof vests.  This makes the Wood S cases exceptionally durable and thin; just .9mm thick.

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The Karbon S Series also comes in two carbon fiber like finishes (black and red) and also uses the same Kevlar Fibers from Dupont.  Evutec says that this case is 5 times stronger than steel of the “same weight” and it won’t block your iPhone’s reception.  It measures a scant .7mm thin.

Evutec iPhone Cases Carbon Fiber and Wood-004

So suffice to say neither case will add bulk or weight, at least that you’ll notice.  In terms of “performance”, I preferred the Karbon S since over the Wood S, as the latter case had a tendency to wear quickly on the corners as you can see in the pics.  Moreover, the Wood S didn’t feel as strong or as durable.  And while I didn’t break the Wood S case, every time I removed it I felt like it was going to snap in half.

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Needless to say, I didn’t perform a drop test.  And although I’m sure both of these cases would provide some protection, neither have the insulation or housing to muster a significant blow to the ground.  No, they’re largely intended to prevent the back and bevel of the iPhone from incurring scratches, though that isn’t to say it couldn’t prevent a cracked screen in the event of a drop.

So there it is: Evutec‘s Wood S and Karbon S cases.  They’re each $39.95 and available now.