Cricket Mobile Plans Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you want great coverage on a tight budget, then Cricket Wireless Plans are something to consider. Cricket plans offer limited data with great download speeds on their entry-level cell phone plans. The best Cricket Wireless plans have unlimited talk text, and high-speed data. Cricket offers huge savings on family plans with up to four lines. These attributes make Cricket one of the best cell phone plans. If you don’t want to rely too heavily on having wireless data, check out our zBoost SOHO YX545 dual band review too.

Why We Like It – Cricket Mobile Plans

Cricket Wireless offers a number of data plans to suit any budget. Cricket plans start off with limited data plans and go up to unlimited data plans. All Cricket Wireless plans use the AT&T network so you can expect similar data speeds and video streaming speeds. Even with their unlimited plans, Cricket offers hotspot data as an optional extra.

  • Affordable packages
  • You don’t pay for what you don’t need
  • Great coverage
  • Plans can be too restrictive for some
  • Some people won’t like to pay for extras
  • Doesn’t have as many perks as other providers


Cricket plans start out at just 2GB of data access at 4G LTE speeds. Their cell phone plans then go up to 5GB before moving to the unlimited data plans. The unlimited data plan can also be increased to add 15 GB mobile hotspot data. Each unlimited plan includes Mexico Canada so you can have data access and LTE speeds when you travel. Cricket may throttle LTE data speeds after the usage limits in the phone plan has been reached. All the plans offer unlimited calls just like other providers such as Verizon Unlimited Plan.


Regardless of your cell phone or phone plans, you can expect to get great coverage from Cricket. They are part of AT&T and use the same towers. Their coverage ranks third in the country, only slightly behind T-Mobile Plan. Countrywide, the AT&T/Cricket coverage sits at a respectable 58%. Most of the areas on the east coast, southeast, and midwest are covered. The areas with slightly less coverage are some places in Arizona, Nevada, and Wyoming. As with all the other providers, they are also rapidly expanding their 5G network.


All the plans including Cricket Unlimited offer exceptional value. Regardless of your plan you get Cricket quick data speeds and unlimited talk text. You can also get a family plan and everyone in the group saves per line per month. On all plans Cricket offers further discounts to autopay customers. They can still enjoy the best cricket services like high speed data, unlimited talk, and clear sd quality. Even with the best cellphone like the Samsung Galaxy, you can get a Cricket core plan or unlimited plan and still enjoy fantastic data speeds. Only Sprint Mobile Plan can compare in value.

Cricket Mobile Plans Wrap Up

When it comes to data Cricket offers affordable solutions. Cricket allows you to choose your add-ons and only get what you will use. You can get one of the limited packages or unlimited packages and expect great coverage. To find out more you can search the best Cricket plans on their rights reserved website.

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