What is Computer Monitor Insurance?

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Updated February 20, 2023

When it comes to product insurance plans, you may want to learn about computer monitor insurance. Manufacturers offer warranty plans as a promise that your new device comes to you in full working order. A standard computer monitor typically ships with a limited warranty, but full insurance plans are available via several avenues. These extended warranties and insurance plans offer multiple types of coverage, just like when you look at warranties for computers.


  • Computer monitors and other electronic devices typically ship with a manufacturer’s limited warranty that lasts around 12 months.
  • These warranties cover manufacturing defects but not theft or accidental damage like water damage. For that, you need insurance that kicks in before the warranty period stops.
  • You have your pick of multiple first-party insurance policies and third-party plans issued by insurance companies like Asurion.

Types of Computer Monitor Insurance

Results vary depending on your make and model, but most computer monitors ship with a limited manufacturer’s warranty that is similar to a standard microwave warranty. It only covers manufacturing defects, just like a router warranty. Some more robust offerings may cover accidental damage, like the best vacuum warranties, but these are few and far between. For the ultimate coverage, you need computer monitor insurance.

Insider Tip

Sign up for an insurance plan as soon as you can, as many plans have an expiration date of around 90 days after the initial purchase.

Insurance plans vary, but coverage far exceeds what is found with typical limited warranties. Third-party plans will often cover things like accidental damage or theft. Here are your options when it comes to computer display insurance products.

Extended Warranties

An average manufacturer’s warranty lasts a full year, but computer monitors are designed to last several years before requiring a replacement. Purchasing an extended warranty lengthens the original coverage up to three to five years, depending on the plan. These extended warranties typically offer the same type of coverage as a manufacturer’s warranty, so don’t count on these plans covering accidental damage or theft.

In-House Insurance

The company that manufactured your monitor likely offers its own in-house insurance plan. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Dell, and others all offer robust first-party insurance and warranty coverage options. These plans add accidental damage protection and theft protection and typically require a monthly fee. For instance, Apple’s AppleCare+ service for its Apple Studio Display costs around $12 each month. In addition to the monthly cost or total package cost, you may have some additional fees when conducting certain repairs. Read the fine print before opting in.

Third-Party Insurance

Just like first-party insurance offerings, third-party options allow accidental damage and theft. The biggest companies in this space are Asurion, Square, and Akko, and the coverage options are not dissimilar to first-party insurance plans. You pay a monthly fee or a total plan fee and bring the monitor to an affiliated technician when the need arises. Just like first-party plans, there are likely still fees associated with intensive repair procedures, including issuing full replacements.

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Display Insurance FAQs

What electronics are covered by an Asurion Home+ plan?

The Asurion Home+ plan goes beyond a standard warranty, issuing replacement monitor screens when necessary and covering a broad range of devices, issuing replacement cost coverage and cash value coverage.

How much does Geek Squad protection cost?

Geek Squad is an insurance offering by Best Buy, and the costs range depending on what you are covering, just like renters insurance. For monitors, expect to pay around $5 to $10 each month for coverage.

Why get laptop insurance?

Laptops and computer displays are fragile, so protect your favorite electronic devices with an insurance policy. These policies protect from power surges, water damage, and more and apply to displays, cell phones, and other gadgets.
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