Check Your Fruit’s Details Any Where in the World

Dole Organic
You ever wonder where your fruit came from? And if you’re like me, you probably think it’s just “labeled

Christen Costa

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  1. I am afraid that if i learn of making process for most products i buy, thought i refer the to category of healthy food, i will start to grow grains and vegetables myself.
    Once i sat eating trying to imagine how the grain grows, what stages it passes before i get cereal on my table and i couldn’t, I just don’t know how grain is processed and if it’s really harmless.

  2. I have been in Dole´s organic farms and I had checked their work there.
    I am an IOIA trained organic inspector and their product is trully organic. There it is a very serious Organic Certification Agency checking their operations, Control Union Certifications from Holland.
    They are doing a great job, it is not easy at all growing organic bananas and pineapples down there.
    And now they are showing us all transparency by letting us meet the farms. I will love to know what is behind my food as Dole is doing. Don´t you like to know where your fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals are comming from, how do they treat their workers and how is the production process??? I do.

    Good for you Dole!

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