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The Munchkin Brica Seat Guardian Car Protector from our list of the Best Car Seat Protector is a great choice if you want to add some protection for your car seats and keep children and other adults from leaving their marks on your seat. These rear and front facing car seat covers will keep your seats looking like new.

Why We Like It – Brica Seat Guardian Car Protector

The Brica Seat Guardian Car Protector by Munchkin is a good car seat protector that will save your car from having compression damage, and give you spill protection. You can easily install the one piece car seat protector on any seats in your car and keep the original seats from being stained from the majority of spills.

  • Keeps children’s seat secured
  • Can easily be cleaned thanks to the fabric
  • May leave a lasting impression on leather seats


The Brica Elite seat guardian has two modes. If you want to use a rear facing seat for a child, you can expect a kick pad that will ensure that even in your child’s most epic tantrums, your seat will be safe from the angry stomps. If you use it as a front facing car protector, the tall back panel is big enough to keep your child’s seat secured. If you would rather look for a fully fitted car seat cover, a product you may want to check out is the Gorla beige universal waterproof cover.


The guardian car seat protector has been crash tested and is ensured to hold car seats and people more securely thanks to the fabric material. This is a partial car seat cover that does not go fully around your seat, so it is an easy installation. If you prefer your car seat protectors like this, you may also enjoy the Fortem waterproof backseat protector. This car seat has dual grip traction technology that grips both sides for better sturdiness. The fabric can be easily cleaned which will save you time.


If you want to elongate the life of your original car seats, buying a car seat protector is crucial. With this protector, you will save your seat from compression damage and spills while keeping whoever is sitting on it in a sturdy space. This safety seat cover will maintain children’s seat secured, which is important while you’re out on the road. You can arrange for front facing car seats or rear facing. If you would like to find similar car seat protectors, you may also be interested in the Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector.

Brica Seat Guardian Car Protector Wrap Up

The Brica Seat Guardian Car Protector is a good choice if you have kids that tend to get your car seats dirty. The one piece design makes it easy to install and the fabric is easy to clean which minimizes the time you need to upkeep it. The dual grip traction technology will ensure that everyone sitting in the seat protector is sturdy.

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