BLU Vivo XL4 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
88 Expert Rating

You have a habit of taking selfies, so naturally you’d want the best selfie camera phone. But you’re also strapped for cash. We suggest you look into getting a BLU Vivo XL4. Its front-facing camera actually matches the rear camera in performance, while also being equipped with a front-facing flash. This is one of the best smartphones for those who have a shoe string budget.

Why We Like It – BLU Vivo XL4

In some areas, the BLU Vivo XL4 is average, but it makes up for it by being equipped with cameras that capture and preserve colors in a natural way, even in low-light settings.

  • Good color saturation & accuracy
  • Front-facing flash option
  • 13-megapixel front camera
  • Display isn’t anything special

Overall Performance

For what you’re paying, the camera performance is what you’d expect, but comes with a few features you didn’t think you needed. It’s front-facing camera is actually just as strong as its rear camera, both of which are 13-megapixels. It also comes with front-facing flash, which isn’t typical in smartphones. Color saturation and accuracy are almost spot on, with just a small amount of muting. Running the show is an octa core Helio P22. While the Snapdragon 675 inside the Samsung Galaxy A70 is more suitable for gamers, the Helio P22 still performs well for the average user, starting apps and whatnot in a speedy fashion.

Battery Life

It’s power consumption is either really great or just good, depending on how it’s used. If you’re using it when necessary, it can last almost an entire day. The BLU Vivo XL4 also has fast charging, reaching 100% in just 2.5 hours. For those who would prefer having a wireless charger, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a great choice.


Compared to the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, the BLU Vivo XL4’s display is as standard as you can get. It’s 6.2 inches of curved glass, displaying in HD+. For the average user, it’ll do just fine, but may disappoint some.


It’s hit or miss with the BLU Vivo XL4. On one hand, its all-metal casing adds some good durability, but its lack of IP water resistant rating pulls it back half a step. The LG V60, for example, has a rating of IP68.


In some areas, the BLU Vivo XL4 is painfully average, like its display or lack of IP rating—but makes up for it in other areas. Above everything, its camera is its best selling point, and it’ll provide a great experience. It’s by no means “the best,” but for what you’re paying, it might as well be.

BLU Vivo XL4 Wrap Up

The BLU Vivo XL4 does an excellent job at offering a good smartphone with a great camera, for an amazing price. To have a front-facing flash accompanying a 13-megapixel camera only further lends a hand to better lighting and pictures, a must-have for selfies. Now if only some other areas were lifted above averageness.

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