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From our Best Android Phone list, the blu studio 5 5hd smartphone black is a budget phone with many good features like the latest Android 9.0 software, a great 13MP camera, and the ability to carry dual sim cards. You can watch all your content on the 5.5 inch display with 720×1440 resolution.

Why We Like It – BLU Studio 5 5HD Smartphone Black

The BLU studio mini 5.5 HD smartphone is a great device to buy if you are on a budget. With a small investment of less than a hundred dollars, you will receive a phone that can carry a dual sim card slot and has the latest android operating system software.

  • Dual Sim Card
  • Great camera
  • Only a 3,000 mAh battery


The BLU studio’s camera has an LED flash that will help you take better pictures. The front camera has an 8MP selfie camera, so all your selfies and video calls will look good. If you wish to have an even better camera on your phone, consider checking out the Google Pixel 3a. The BLU device has an octa-core processor, which is a great spec that helps you use a variety of apps at the same time without slowing down.


This phone was designed with a curved glass display, so if that is a deal breaker for you then you can check out the Samsung Galaxy A70 Android Phone. It is stacked with a 32GB display and you can expand it up to 64GB, which is not that much as compared to other models that can usually go up to 128GB and above. The 3000mAh battery on this device will last a whole day. This device will work on most GSM networks but not on CDSM so be wary about the type of service you will be using.


For under a hundred dollars, you can take home a phone that can provide service from multiple networks thanks to the dual sim. When it comes to taking pictures, the 13MP camera will ensure that you take some good pictures, and will also be ready to light up the scene with the LED flash. You will get to enjoy the latest Android system software, so you can stack your 32GB of internal storage with apps, games, and much more from the Google play store. If you enjoy these budget Android devices, please be sure to check out the moto e5 display battery radio.

BLU Studio 5 5HD Smartphone Black Wrap Up

The BLU studio mini 5.5 is a great phone for anyone not trying to break the bank over the latest Android device. This phone will cover all the essentials like a beautiful screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio on a curved glass display, some great photos on the 13MP camera, and an octa-core processor to handle the most tasks.

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