Biometric Vein Palm Scanner

So apparently its not so difficult to hack a fingerprint scanner. You can either chop the finger off, or – if my memory serves me correctly – take a copy of the print, and apply it to the scanner. Ok, moving on from my spotted memory… The scientist dudes over at Fujitsu think they can do one better, and then some. They call it the “Contact Less Palm Vein Authentication Technology.

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  1. The day I’m prodded into submission to use one of these slavedrivers, is the day they pry my cold dead hands from it. Or someone else’s. Just my thoughts. I’ll probably be thrown off of this site, but I don’t care.

  2. My office wants to use a palm scanner to collect our hours worked. I am know criminal but definitley don’t want my prints to get into the system…Should I be concerned? and How secure are these things? Or should I ask, how easily can they be hacked by the government or by persons who commit crimes through identity theift? Any responses or links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  3. We need your palmscanner in oder to pesonal authentication and recognition somebody.

    Is this possible?


    TELS (571) 2638991-(571)2954760

  4. would like to have more info on Palm Secure

    we would like to integrate it for attendance systems and access control

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