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Starting where your original warranty ends, the Best Buy Protection Plan cements may just be the best cell phone insurance for you. How many times have you been burned by your phone’s manufacturer? Accidental damage not covered? Perhaps you discovered a few dead pixels; this plan aims to cover the unexpected.

Why We Like It – Best Buy Protection Plan

Best Buy Protection Plan aims to service your phone for the unexpected—bad pixels, in-box accessories, general upkeep. It’s an extended warranty that starts where your original warranty ends.

  • Has a basic and complete protection plan
  • Could potentially cover repairs the manufacturer doesn’t
  • Protection plans available for accessories
  • Fees rise based on the cost of your phone

Coverage & Deductible

What’s included in Best Buy Protection Plans—also known as “Geek Squad Phone Protection Plans”—are based on which version you get: Basic or Complete. Basic covers: accidental damage, charging issues, bad pixels, in-box accessories, and general wear and tear. Complete provides the same, in addition to lost/stolen coverage. That requires a deductible starting at $199.99, plus service fees beginning at $149.99. It too follows the value of your device.

Backup Services

While Best Buy Protection Plan doesn’t have backup services tied to their protection plan, they do offer storage backup in-house. At the same time, you can always use free alternatives, like Google.

Customer Service

Customer service ranges from not-so-good to okay. Asurion is the insurance company providing the service through Best Buy, and typical of insurance companies is making you run in circles. As many reviewers put it, Asurion had them “jumping through hoops” for a cut-and-dry claim.

Security Features

Like Akko Phone Insurance, you aren’t gaining any kind of security features. Best Buy primarily deals with physical damage. It’s a bummer, but if you truly want it, it’s best to speak with your service provider.


TIn its simplest form, the cost of the Basic plan is based on the value of your phone For example: if your phone is valued between $0-49.99, a 1-year and 2-year Basic plan costs $15.99 and $24.99, respectively. Service fees start at $9.99 following the same trend. That only applies to devices below $499.99. Anything above that and value is drastically reduced. Monthly payments are available via Complete, starting at 10.99/month. If your device falls below the $199.99 bracket, then Best Buy Protection Plan Basic is in order. The Complete plan has the most value, but doesn’t kick in until your phone values at $500. To simpler plans, Squaretrade Cell Phone Insurance has just three.

Best Buy Protection Plan Wrap Up

Other than being confusing at times, the Best Buy Protection Plan is solid for those with expensive phones. Anything less than $199.99 should probably look elsewhere. There’s very few reasons for covering a cheap phone. It is otherwise a great way to round out where your original warranty fails.

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