BenQ fans already know about the BenQ i500 Mobile LED for their mobile projector needs. Now we take a look at another great BenQ projector. BenQ specializes in image devices – and that includes some of the best long and short throw projectors available today, particularly for those who prefer home projector setups with at least an HD resolution. Now the most popular BenQ projector has gotten a welcome upgrade for those considering a purchase. Have a look at the Key Features to a Good Projector

Look, we know that home projects aren’t the easiest things in the world to manage. You have to worry about formats, lighting, power sources, distance, projector screens, seating placement, and a whole lot more.

Projectors are for people who really like them and don’t mind going the extra mile to set them up – but any help is welcome, and BenQ’s HT1070A provides as much help as it can.

The projector comes with software to get you started, adjustable height and positioning, vertical keystone adjustment, and a larger, more forgiving throw ratio than the original HT1070 model with 100-inch projection at 2.8 meters.

Home Projector: BenQ HT1070A Back
The BenQ HT1070A requires cable connections.

But onto the specs. The HT1070A ($650) improves on the original model is several important ways.

  • The 1080p resolution remains the same – projectors have different requirements than TV screens, and it’s tough to push past the 1080 limit while having everything else remaining the same.
  • However, the contrast ratio is reportedly much better now at 15,000:1 compared to 10,000:1. Contrast ratio tends to be more important on projectors because of the clarity it provides to the image, so this is a big deal.
  • Other upgrades include 2,200 lumens, a brightness rating that’s 10% better than the older model
  • And three picture modes for sports, movies, and normal TV.
  • There are two HDMI inputs for devices, and as long as you use them you can connect pretty much any device with downloaded video content (consoles, set-top boxes, etc.). There’s no wireless option, but with this short throw, living room-compatible projector that shouldn’t be as big of a deal. Just remember to do the necessary planning if this is a significant upgrade or your first projector!

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