Asurion Phone Protection Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

Next-day replacement device, same-day repairs, backing up data, and protection against viruses. That’s what you can expect from the best cell phone insurance, Asurion Phone Protection Plan. The biggest benefit of getting Asurion Phone Protection is the peace of mind your device will be covered, like an extra layer of armor your original warranty would otherwise ignore.

Why We Like It – Asurion Phone Protection

Comprehensive and feature-rich, Asurion Phone Protection provides what-if service your warranty probably doesn’t, such as protection against malicious software, and same-day replacements devices. Or if you want an easy to understand and straightforward plan, try AT&T Cell Phone Insurance.

  • Next day replacement device
  • Can backup data
  • Protection against viruses & malicious software
  • Customer service could be better

Coverage & Deductible

Asurion Phone Protection offers a relatively wide comprehensive coverage and mobile protection (though for iPhone users, the Applecare Phone Insurance plan is a better deal) . This includes: water damage, cracked/damaged screen, mechanical failures, defects, and general wear and tear like from outside temperatures and dust. And backup services include: contacts, photos, and videos. Lastly, lost stolen is also covered, with the prospect of a next-day replacement phone. However, your deductible is based on your service provider, whereas Squaretrade Cell Phone Insurance is general and reaches beyond phones.

Backup Services

Since you aren’t buying Asurion Phone Protection directly, results may vary. Depending on your service provider, you’ll either get backup services or you won’t. If you don’t, you still have alternative options, like Google or your service provider may have its own backup app.

Customer Service

Asurion’s customer service fluctuates. It holds a generally favorable review score of 4.8, on average, out of 5. And that’s across 13 million reviews. However, typical of insurance companies, a wave of reviewers have noted Asurion’s representatives refusing to accept claims well within the customer’s right to do so, what would otherwise be covered. The phrase used often was “jumping through hoops.”

Security Features

For security features, you’ll be happy to hear protection against viruses and malicious software is guaranteed, unlike Akko Phone Insurance. On top of that, support and education can be learned via their support team.


We’ll give Asurion the benefit of the doubt and assume a few customers had the unfortunate encounter with a bad representative. After all, their average score does hold up pretty well. Question is: should you get Asurion Phone Protection? It depends on your service provider. AT&T, Sprint, Version, Best Buy, and Amazon all have insurance provided by Asurion. Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan has convoluted prices, but AT&T is arguably the best. It provides great value for a single person and a group of 4.

Asurion Phone Protection Wrap Up

Because of Asurion’s high and low customer reviews, it’s best to approach with caution; in fact, you should with any kind of insurance. If you do get Asurion Phone Protection, through a service provider with the best value, you’ll experience coverage that would otherwise go unattended by your original warranty, like virus protection and next-day replacement.

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