What is an Apple iPhone Warranty?

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Updated February 20, 2023

If you are new to the world of product insurance plans, you may want to learn about Apple iPhone warranties. Many warranty plans, after all, are for popular gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and the like. The Apple iPhone ships with a standard manufacturer’s warranty of one year, though there are multiple options to extend coverage and add to this coverage. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and is similar to a standard Apple AirPods warranty.


  • Apple iPhones ship with a standard manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for a full year as soon as you bring it home from the Apple Store.
  • This warranty only covers manufacturing defects only, though third-party options are available to cover cosmetic damage, issue a replacement item, and cover additional damages according to consumer law.
  • AppleCare+ premium plans extend the coverage length and add more coverage types into the mix, such as a hardware service.

What is a Warranty for an iPhone?

A manufacturer’s warranty is basically a promise that the device should be free from problems that may occur during the manufacturing process. All iPhones ship with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts 12 months, similar to an Apple Watch warranty. As such, these warranties only cover issues pertaining to manufacturing defects, which is similar to other brands, like a Samsung TV warranty. This means that the warranty does not cover drops, accidents, water damage, or any type of wear and tear from normal use. In other words, it will not cover dropping your phone in the toilet, forcing many to look into AppleCare screen replacement.

Insider Tip

You can sign up for AppleCare+ right from your phone within the settings page, making for an easy process.

Luckily, there are many extended coverage options from Apple or from third parties, just like when you look into Samsung refrigerator warranties. These added plans offer extended timeframes for coverage and are often available for gadgets beyond iPhones if you are wondering if the Nintendo Switch has a warranty.

How to Protect Your iPhone

Here are some tips to make sure your iPhone remains adequately protected before it is time for your next upgrade.

Explore Coverage Types

As mentioned, though your phone ships with a 12-month limited warranty, this warranty only covers manufacturing defects. But there are other forms of coverage available from Apple and third-party providers. Your first stop is AppleCare+, which is the company’s proprietary insurance and extended warranty offering. This offers comprehensive coverage that includes theft and accidental damage, costing around $10 each month. Beyond that, go with dedicated insurance plans from a company like Asurion.

Be Speedy

No matter which option you choose, do it quickly. After buying a new iPhone, you only have 90 days to activate an AppleCare plan. If you miss the window, there are other options, but these options become limited.

STAT: Apple provides a voluntary manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty on its iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads. The guarantee provides additional rights to those provided by consumer law, including those related to non-conforming products. (source)

Use a Case

No matter the coverage type you go with, protect your iPhone by throwing it inside a sturdy case. Remember, even with AppleCare+ premium plans, there are fees associated with certain repair tasks, such as replacing the screen. In other words, it behooves you to use a decent case even with maximum coverage. It will save money in the long run.

iPhone Warranty FAQs

How much will it cost?

The manufacturer’s warranty is free, but AppleCare+ accrues a monthly fee, but for that fee, you get replacement items, coverage for cosmetic damage, and much more.

How does Apple’s free one-year warranty work?

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, so if you encounter a manufacturing-related issue during the year, ask for a replacement item. This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage as indicated by consumer law.

How do you use your Apple warranty?

Bring your phone to a service technician at the first sign of cosmetic damage or accidental damage of any kind. Do not bother bringing in the original packaging, but you should keep track of technical specifications.
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