Apple Airpods Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Being Apple’s first step in the realm of true wireless headsets, the Apple Airpods are potentially one of the best bluetooth headsets out there. It stands out with double earphones unlike other headsets like the Platronics Voyager Legend and the Icomfit Bluetooth headset. And paired with its very own charging case which stores up to an entire day’s worth of power, the stereo speakers of the Apple Airpods offer one of the best audio qualities out there.

Why We Like It – Apple Airpods

With two separate earphones, the Apple Airpods allow you to listen to music, talk or watch a video with a better sound experience. The Airpods connect quickly and easily to your IOS device and with almost no latency in sound, its very own charging case and a good microphone, the Airpods stand out to be a really great headset as well as an in ear headphone.

  • Good sound quality
  • Battery life of 5 hours
  • Comes with a charging case
  • The one size fits all design may not be suitable for everyone


With the same W1 chip that apple placed in the Beats wireless earbuds, the Apple Airpod has really great connectivity. It connects the two earphones separately through two different bluetooth channels which remove almost any latency in sound making them perfect for playing video games as well as taking calls or listening to music. However, the capability to automatically form connections through the airpods app in your device is limited to only Apple devices.

Although there are newer versions like the new airpods pro which have better sound quality as well as the upgraded H1 chip, the original airpods are still the better pick if you’re looking for a pair of headsets. Why so? You may ask. Well, with a much better audio quality than the Icomfit or Fimitech Bluetooth headsets, the Apple Airpods sound great and is now priced reasonably lower than the Airpods Pro. However, if you do need active noise cancelling, the Apple Airpods Pro sounds much better than the Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset which also supports noise cancelling, making it a great pick only if you’re willing to spend a hefty amount of money.

Apart from that, the Airpods case which comes with the airpods, allow you to have better battery life than the single 5 hours stored in the airpods themselves. Taking only 15 minutes to charge up to give more than two hours of audio playback, they hold out longer than the ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset or Fimitech Bluetooth headset, making your total talk time reach well over a day, which although can’t be continuous. When it comes to charging the case itself, you can charge it wirelessly as well. But, only if you get the separate wireless charging case, as the original case does not support wireless charging.

The Apple Airpods also come with a good amount of functionality, allowing you to receive calls, pause/play and skip tracks like most other true wireless earbuds out there. But, although it doesn’t let you adjust the volume, you can directly access Siri through the airpods by either pressing the button on it twice, or just calling out “hey siri”. Finally, the Apple Airpods even have sensors in them which automatically pause or play a track when you take them out from or put them in your ears. You may also want to check out our Blueparrott b450 xt canceling bluetooth headset review for a bluetooth headset with long range.


Unlike any pair of true wireless headphones or earbuds out there, the Apple Airpods come with a ‘one size fit all’ design. Now this may be a problem for many people as, if the airpods don’t fit right they might just end up falling down from your ears into the streets of New York or wherever you might have gone for a walk. Even if you don’t lose them, the uncomfort of having an earphone not fit right in your ears can be simply irritating. So, while they may not be suited for everyone, the Apple Airpods are a great pair of earphones if they fit in your ears. Go through our Aminy bluetooth wireless earphones cancelling review if you want headsets that has noise cancellation features.

Moreover, you can easily place the airpods in their case for charging without worrying about orienting them right as magnets make the connectors on them fix in at the correct position. For those who do prefer earbuds and can’t fit the airpods in their ears, the Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset is a great option worth considering.


Coming in at under $130 now, the Apple Airpods are well worth their price if you’re someone who is in the Apple eco system with an Iphone and apple watch. Otherwise you would miss out on the software integration that comes with them. But, on the other hand, the call quality that you get with the Apple Airpods paired with the charging case which gives it an amazingly long use time from a single charge is cut above the rest. And so, if you’re someone who does use an Apple device and will use the Airpods for both listening to music as well as making calls, the Airpods might just be worth your money. Otherwise, for only calls and a little music here and there, the Icomfit or Fimitech Bluetooth Headsets are much cheaper, better choices.

Apple Airpods Wrap Up

While they may not support a dual pairing features like some other headsets, and while they are most certainly priced slightly above some other headsets, the Apple Airpods offer an amazing audio quality with a great true wireless experience. And paired with its amazing charging case and a long battery life with no latency in sound, the Apple Airpods are a pair of really great earphones. But, that is at a good sale price and considering whether or not your ears are suitable for it.

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