Alcatel Big Easy Flip Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If the best smartphone doesn’t interest you, perhaps you’d want the best cell phone for seniors. Call the earlier 2000s because they want the Alcatel Big Easy Flip back! Even by today’s standards, it offers the most essential features. And its standby mode isn’t half bad, along with double minutes at the start.

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Why We Like It – Alcatel Big Easy Flip

Still sporting the same design philosophy as the early 2000s, the Alcatel Big Easy Flip Phone offers the bare essentials: long standby mode, 32GB of max storage, 3G capabilities, and a good price.

  • 32GB of expandable storage
  • Comes w/ double minutes
  • Standby mode lasts up to 11 days
  • Limited to 3G network
  • Subpar battery life

Overall Performance

Unless your favorite game is Snake, you aren’t playing anything on the Alcatel Big Easy Flip Phone—but that’s not its purpose. This kind of phone only needs to perform two tasks: texting and calling, which it does well. It is limited to 3G networks, however, but still significantly better than the Blu Joy Cell Phone’s limitations to just 2G networks. Bluetooth is a bit old though, so you’ll likely have poor connection often.

Battery Life

It largely depends on how you use the Alcatel A392G Flip Phone. By leaving it on standby, it’ll hold onto its charge for up to 11 days, which is admittedly just a third of what the Nokia 3310 TA-1036 can do (31 days). During use though, it’s up to 3 hours. With such a battery life, you are better off picking the The Asus ROG Phone 2 which can give you 36 hours of uninterrupted use before you charge it.


The Alcatel Big Easy Flip Phone makes due with what it’s got: a small, 2.4-inch display. Icons are relatively big for clarity, which is good. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, the display is subpar and nowhere near as beautiful.


Seeing as the Alcatel Big Easy Flip is a cheap tracfone, its durability is laughable. It’s mostly plastic and lacks water resistant—but it’ll survive being dropped a few times.


As far as value is concerned, the Alcatel Big Easy Flip Phone has just about everything you’d need in a functional cellphone, albeit one bereft of vibrant colors, access to great apps, and double minutes right off the bat. It’s aim is to be functional. Its price, however, is the limit on what we’d spend on something like this. The Blu Joy Cell Phone is cheaper, but limited to 2G, so keep that in mind.

Alcatel Big Easy Flip Wrap Up

The Alcatel Big Easy Flip Phone is about as close as you can get to the “bare essentials” without cheating yourself. Do note its 3G network limitations and subpar battery; otherwise you’ll be right as rain with its double minutes, long standby mode, and expandable storage. And it’s easily affordable!

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