Respawn Entertainment, the game development outfit made up of several old Infinity Ward developers, is fervently staking their claim to the highly contested first-person shooter genre with their innovative new title with the slick movement system. if anyone and can unseat the ubiquitous yet uber-popular Call of Duty franchise, it would be the very folks who helped cement the franchise’s current firm and rooted standing.

Titanfall is what it’s called. It’s Respawn Ent’s new darling that slams many of my favorite gaming tastes together for a sort scrapple of gameplay delights. This is “New” scrapple–improved for texture, taste and falling Titan mech thingies. There’s more than a heaping dollop of wall running lathered over this potential gaming gem as well. One of the main features for Titanfall is it’s rarely talked about single/multiplayer integration. Many games like Borderlands 2 are now integrating multiplayer into the single player campaign, where players can drop-in/drop-out of each others’ games and still not interrupt the single player narrative.

Titanfall has us very intrigued. Sci-fi, guns, mechs, wall running… Oh yeah!

This particular video flew out of Cologne Germany as a highlight of new gameplay for the Gamescom convention going on right now.

titanfall_gamescom 2013

Shawn Sanders

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