Google Unified

Google is working to unify it’s products in a more streamlined fashion.  Right now Google Plus, Gmail, and until recently, Google Drive, formerly Google Docs, wasn’t all that well integrated into one and other.  And while they’ve still got a some what long and arduous road to travel, today Google announced that your storage on Google+ Photos, Gmail, and Google Drive have now been unified.

That means instead of just 10GB in Gmail, and 5GB in Photos, you’ll now have 15GB across the entire product set.  This is great for those that are heavy photo users and rarely receive heft attachments or a copious amount of emails in their inbox.   More over, you can now purchase a whopping 100GB of online storage for $4.99/month, which is half the cost of Dropbox’s lowest tier offering.

Google says they’ll also be updating the Google Drive storage page so you can better understand how you’re using your space.  You just need to hover over one of the pie charts, and they’ll break down your use on Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos.

Google Unified-2

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