Gmail Smart Inbox 2013

Finally, Gmail is getting a makeover.  And while it’s still devoid of the task management options that are available in Mailbox, it’s a  nice iterative leap, even if Hotmail has already offered the features for a few months now.

Google hasn’t said when the new Gmail options will take effect but you can expect them in the coming weeks for both your computer and mobile device.  That being said, when they become available, you’ll be able to organize your inbox into five categories: primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums.  Once activated, Google will automatically file emails in accordance to the aforementioned types.  So Facebook notifications will be moved to “social”, Groupon offers to “promotions”, and so forth.  “Primary”, however, will be now be your starred emails and probably take over as your “priority inbox”, a feature Google began offering a few years ago.

Of course it remains to be seen if Google can effectively manage your inbox, and it’s up to you what categories you’d like turned on.  You can also move emails around from box to box, and while Google hasn’t said, I’m sure this will help the system learn more about your incoming mail and what you want where

As mentioned, the new Hotmail already does this.  I’ve not used it extensively, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness.  Mailbox on the other hand, which is only available to iOS users with a Gmail account, allows you to task manage your email much like a to do list, and based on James’ account it’s worth checking out.

Christen Costa

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