What Not to Wear, the hit show from the Brits across the drink received its U.S. adapted treatment over a decade ago. This summer will see the final episode of What Not to Wear and the gurus of fashion guidance are going out with a bang. But before they do, some may be hoping their style sense will extend from “what not to wear” to what’s the best and most fashionable attire to be easily recognized by Google Glasses.

Ha! I recognize that empty glazed stare. Confused? Me too! I’m often perplexed by the spiraling complexity of “fashion”.  But others are less so in the wake of the Google Glasses announcement. App maker InSight is developing an application for the space-age eyewear that will help you recognize your friends by the clothing they are wearing. Self-portraits are submitted to the app by users. The app then conjures a spatiogram, which identifies the textures, colors and patterns worn by a given submitter and then feeds that intel to Google Glasses.

The extent of the app and the full scope of how it will work with the glasses have yet to be determined. Limitations such as picture quality and resolution needed for proper recognition of textures and such are curious unknowns on which I would love to hear more.

Shawn Sanders

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