Rumors surrounding new products coming from Apple are constantly streaming in. Some of these rumors never come to fruition, but many of the them are firmly grounded in reality. Tech vultures scour the patents awarded to companies like Apple looking for hints of future gadgets. Of course many of these projects could be scrapped before they reach the hands of the consumer, but here’s a list of seven potential new products from Apple we could see in the coming years.

1. Plastic iPhone

There are lots of substantiated rumors that have suggested Apple is going to be releasing a low-cost iPhone. The new iPhone will be a combination of the iPhone 5 and iPod touch. The biggest change will be a plastic enclosure instead of the typical aluminum casing found in the current models. This new iPhone should broaden Apple’s smartphone user base.

2. Apple iWatch

Bloomberg news is reporting that Apple has a crack team of developers working on a wristwatch smart computer. Could this new smart watch be labeled the iWatch? The smart watch of tomorrow will be interesting indeed. Wearable computers could be at definite innovation that could take the world by storm. Developers could create some seriously interesting and useful applications for a wearable smart watch.

3. iPhone 6

Rumors circulating around iPhone 6 are plentiful. One of the rumors that seems to be well grounded is that the new iPhone 6 will have a larger screen. 4.8 inch seems to be the agreed-upon rumor for the next iPhone. Of course many OS features will also be revamped to compete with Samsung phones in the next generation iPhone. We are looking for a mid 2014 release date for the iPhone 6.

4. Home Automation

Apple has not officially entered into the home automation market, but they recently partnered with Phillips to sell Hue, an app controlled LED bulb that automates home lighting. Nest, the smartest thermostat on the market, is also sold in the Apple Store. Home automation is a developing market with advances in technology and Apple is poised to do well if they want to play the game. They have got enough cash to acquire whatever home automation company they desire including home automation giants like Vivint.

5. Touchscreen laptops and computers

If you closely follow what Steve Jobs had said in the past then you’ll know that he denied the necessity for touchscreen laptops and computers. Jobs and Apple also denied the necessity for smaller iPads, video iPods, and television, but we all know how that turned out. Google recently unveiled its Chromebook Pixel touchscreen laptop and Windows 8 is built for touchscreens. The world is moving towards touchscreen everything. Early 2013 was filled with many iOS updates which probably means that we’ll have to live with the current model for a few years. However in two years or more Apple will likely unveil their first touchscreen computer and laptop.

6. Bending glass

Apple has patented a new way to create flexible and moldable glass. U.S. Patent 8,336,334 demonstrates the process in which next generation gadgets will have the ability to mold glass into 3D shapes. With Apple’s dedication to designing the greatest products, your imagination can take you to lots of places thinking about the possibility of a fully flexible and moldable glass integrated into the next gadget.

7. Smart Glasses

A few months ago Apple was awarded a patent pertaining to a pair of dual LCD display glasses. As we know Google Glass lets users access Google maps, Google+ and other services from the comfort of their eyewear, but when reading Apple’s patent you get the sense that these glasses will not function like Google’s version. You’ll most likely be unable to see anything other than the display while wearing them. Google wants you to wear these glasses while you’re walking around, but this Apple patent would make these more like a wearable computer.